How to take the train in Europe - Italy

Step by step

The first time I took the train in Europe (Italy), I got lost and luckily a good soul who noticed my desperation helped me.
I called her an angel, she helped me with everything until I got into my car.
So, following the chain of good, I'm going to give you some tips to make it easier for you so you don't get lost like I did. The route I took was from Rome to Civitavecchia.
I believe that all trains in Italy follow these parameters.


You have two options: ticket counters or machines.
I don't speak Italian, although it's easy to understand, so in order not to make a mistake I preferred to buy from the machine, since it has a language option!
It was super easy, the machine is really easy to buy the ticket and you have the freedom to choose and see various timetables, prices and routes, without feeling like you're bothering someone because of your indecision.
Just remember to keep an eye on the binary (platform), timetable and train number.
After I made the purchase, I was desperate to find my platform, train and validate my ticket.
TIP: DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE THE TICKET, if you forget you could be fined!

Finding the platform (binary)

There are posters pasted up with the names of the places, train numbers with timetables and their respective platforms, that's where the Angel found my platform, she also showed displays scattered around, which have all the same information, in other words, two places to find your platform.
It's scary at first, but then you understand everything and it becomes easy.


Validating the ticket

After I found the platform, I went straight to the train! After all, I'd bought the ticket, found (with a little help, but I found it) the platform and the train, why not get on?
Simple, that's when the Angel helped me again, she took my ticket and went to a machine to validate it, I didn't even know I had to do that, but she explained that inspectors pass by at certain times and if they catch a ticket that isn't validated or someone without a ticket, shiiiiiii there's a fine and it's not cheap! It can be over 100 euros! That's right, she let me off the hook, because the inspector had actually passed by and I saw him fining a lady.


Well, now! Ticket bought, platform and train found and ticket validated! Uhullll, I thanked my Angel helper so much and I was mega happy, super calm and more grateful than ever.
I continued my journey with the feeling that a lot of good things were to come.
I hope that in the same way I've been helped, I've helped you too.
Have a good trip!

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