Florianópolis - Joaquina Beach.

Joaquina Beach

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Who said I woke up early and easy the next day? My friend shook me, called, called and I kept drooling and asking for 5 more minutes, it was the second day of the trip, a lot of new things were happening! On Thursday I was at my college graduation in Rio de Janeiro,
arriving home at 5 in the morning to travel at 6! On Friday I arrived in Porto Alegre around
Friday afternoon and evening Bus to Floripa! Saturday was a tour of the city, getting to know the places and on Sunday I was still exhausted, asking for 5 minutes for my body.
not to mention the fact that before all this I had ended an engagement of almost three years, something that shook me up a bit lol.
Five minutes given and the job done! Cris
practically refreshed!!! Long dayoo, to get to know as much as possible, because in that same In the evening we'd be heading back to Porto Alegre!
I got up, got ready and we went to have the deliciousfrozen coffee! Everything was perfect, we ran to Joaquinaa and there was so much there! We enjoyed the beach, ate a Xis, I was "sung to" by an Uruguayan who was serving the table we were eating at hauhauha and everything was new, but I wasn't there for that purpose and I just wanted to enjoy the place, put my mind at ease
and enjoy it with friends.

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Ahhh DUNAS AND SANDBOARD, combination perfect! I'd never done it before, but I got the hang of it
I fell the first time at the end of the descent and then I was off =D Very, very good!!! I thought it was great, the only problem was the absurd heat and the burns on my feet from climbing the hot dunes, but apart from that I would have spent the whole day doing it.

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I couldn't wait to do it again, but unfortunately it was time to leave, we had to pack our things and go to the bus station for the long walk to Porto again =(
We arrived, packed everything up and went on the bus all night, we slept a lot, on this trip I don't think I was awake for even 20 minutes, I really fell asleep, I was starting to adapt and get excited again, and arriving in Porto I was finally going to get to know the city properly, I had only landed there, seen a small shopping center and then went to Floripa, I had never been to Rio Grande do Sul before, soon more and more news awaited me, I would stay another week in this beautiful city that showed me so many cool things =)
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