Florianópolis - Lagoa da Conceição.

Lagoa da Conceição at night

lagoon 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
I was very excited, I was going to get to know a bit of Floripa's nightlife, very nice!
We got on the bus and, as I was more than a little sleepy, I always ended up falling asleep, either on the bus or in the terminal. On this trip I learned to sleep anywhere, even on the bus or benches, something I'd never done before =) but I'd get on one and it would go off lol
In the terminal I ended up talking to some locals, I always try to talk to locals, talk about the city, tips and habits!
I think it's great to see the properties of each city, the smells, the quirks, the food and the typical things, not to mention the fact that it's the locals who give us the best tips.
We finally arrived at our destination and immediately found a place to eat, we were faminntoosss, nham nham.
We found a beautiful place that offered us a shrimp sequence, which my GOD what a wonderful thing, all kinds of shrimp and garnishes, as well as crab and fish! We ate a lot, a lot and a lot!!!

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Fed and happy, we went to explore the lagoon, which by the way had a beautiful view at night, I sat on the edge of it and kept thinking and remembering how quickly everything had happened (the graduation, the end, the decision to go, the going...)
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My mind was racing and my thoughts wandered far away, but soon they returned to SC and I ended up taking photos and more photos and getting happy again =D
After all, I was in a beautiful place! New, full of new things was exactly what I needed to occupy my mind ;p
Some time later we decided to go out and wander around more, we saw the fashions, the people, the bars and before we knew it, it was time for the last bus to leave and we almost missed it, so we ran to the terminal, and back to the campsite, because the next day we would wake up very early to see Joaquina =)

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