Last day in Paris and off to Munich!

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I woke up, packed my suitcase and left everything ready to be picked up and taken straight to the airport on the way back from the last tour, anxious to get into the Basilicas! Reliving my childhood in Notre Dame, with memories of the Hunchback... and seeing if Sacre Couer was as beautiful on the outside as it was on the inside!!!
I went down to the café to get everything paid for and then came the first surprise! The coffee I'd been having every day wasn't included hauhauhauahuah it was 15 euros a day =p, I decided to have it for the last time, since it would feed me and I wouldn't find anything much cheaper outside, as well as not wasting too much time!
I closed my accounts, had my coffee and set off for Notre Dame! From the metro there was a street with lots of cafés, paninis and stores to buy little gifts, very pleasant! Not to mention the people who stood on the sidewalks selling canvases with pictures of the city, a good place to buy something if you wanted a last-minute souvenir, or to eat something tasty, because the cafés and paninis were really eye-catching!!!

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Goodies aside, we continued on our way and then we arrived! Yay!
The queue to get in wasn't very long, but we waited anyway, so I kept putting my finger on the camera hihihi taking lots of pictures from a thousand angles and of every detail of the architecture, which was VERY, VERY beautiful!

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Anyway, we went in, and inside there was nothing to be desired, high ceilings, dim lighting that gave it a different feel and I ended up feeling like I was in a movie... hehehe Gothic place, but interesting and intriguing! I took my tour inside... which was actually a flow that you walked through without even wanting to! A lot of people visiting the place and few pauses for photos, but of course one or two came out 😉
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I wouldn't leave without some photos to remember the place by =) Well, time was very short and I had to be at the airport in the afternoon! I ran because I still had to see the Sacre Couer! I got off, took the metro and went!
I arrived and didn't even stop to see the view, I went straight into the Basilica! But with sad news... NO PHOTOS, it's forbidden to take pictures inside, and this is more common than you might think =/
I went in, had a quick look around and left... I tried to take a photo and got a basic spat, like... hey you can't! But nothing more than that, and it was also when I was leaving hihihi
I took the opportunity to take a farewell photo at the door with a view of the city from the Basilica, which really is very beautiful.
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Too bad the people there didn't let me show them the beauty I saw, hehehehe they stood in front of the landscape =( poxa poxa...
Well, I went down the side street that I had already found beautiful at night, and I wanted to see what it was like in the morning, really wonderful, nice and with very pretty houses! I took the opportunity to stop and eat a crepe with Nutella, of course I couldn't help but try such a delicacy in such a traditional place.... And I don't know why but it really was MUCH tastier, the pastry everything... heheh maybe I was already tempted to like it... who knows!? =p
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Last stop before the Hotel... MARKET! To buy chocolates =D 1 or 2 euros each! Much better than duty free! So that's what I did, and I discovered something surprising! Wines for 0.98 and salads with chicken or other meat for 2 euros! What could be better? Why didn't I go to the market first and have all my meals there? I bought salad, wine and chocolates and went back to the hotel, ate everything quickly and ran to the airport! It was already too late.
Hiii but what about the wine that wasn't finished? I'm going to drink... I got on the subway with my suitcase, all the wine and lots of people were looking at me... until I asked and found out that I couldn't go out drinking or carrying any drink, especially on the subway hUahUAHuah damn it! Fortunately, there was very little left and I threw it away...
I arrived at the airport, checked in and ahhhhhhhhh now I was calm, I ate a chocolate croissant I'd bought at the market and then I just had to wait for the flight to Munich, but what about Saimon? Well, he decided to go back to Rio from there =(
He gave up the rest of the trip... it was just Igor and me... for the rest of Europe... well... and with A LOT OF CONFUSION!


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