Miami - Bahamas!

Another crazy trip ahead! Ahhhh my God, why do I always do that?
Travel possibilities ahead, doubts about where to venture... in one option I would fly to the airport after work, and in the second ... relaxed the next day, which was the almost chosen and sensible one!
Well, ON THE DAY OF THE TRIP at 4 p.m. I decided I was going to have to run around like crazy, and my suitcase wasn't even packed! I left work at 5pm, flew home, packed my suitcase and got ready in ONE hour! Record!!! I don't even know how I did it, luckily I always travel with just a handbag and almost nothing in it =p oh oh how good it is to be a practical girl 😉
I ran to the airport, starving! Very, very, very, very!!! After I saw the ticket, I sorted everything out... there were still a few hours left and then Spoleto , adoro!!!!! Hummm!!! Delicious gnocchi, so good, it satisfied my hunger after a whole day at work plus the stress of packing, traveling, not traveling and so on!!!
That was it... now I could relax, the trip was a certainty, but as I'd done everything in a hurry, I didn't get to see the hotel in Miami or the cruise I was planning to take there. And even less so the car rental... it was all so quick... but as I'd already been to Miami I wasn't so worried, I thought everything would be as easy as last time... I was wrong...
I got on the plane and remembered the cruise, went to the website and the first good news! It was no longer possible to buy through the website! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh! Now what??? I was going on the cruise!!!!! What if I couldn't buy it on the spot? What if it ran out? I'd already been to Miami, I didn't want to repeat a trip... Then the idea came to me... if the cruise doesn't happen I'll take the car and go to Disney... since there's no way, luck will decide for me... no one told me to leave in a hurry hauahuahauha
I enjoyed the business class, with champagne, a comfortable chair, a huge pillow, peanuts and wonderful food!!!
I chatted for a while, tried to watch the movie but didn't fall in love with it and tcharam... alas... the delicious dinner came!

DSC 0872 1 - Cris Around the World

Salmon in passion fruit sauce, with a perfect and very tasty dessert, all the hunger I felt went by the wayside, I even think I overdid it a bit hehehehe, but every bite was well worth it! Along with satiety came sleep, but at the same time my mind kept thinking about the cruise, would I really not be able to make it? I mean, Disney must be amazing! But I didn't want to go now, I wanted the cruise.
Yes, but all these thoughts remained in my dreams, because the journey was long and I ended up sleeping in all that comfort, only waking up almost before breakfast!

DSC 0879 1 - Cris Around the World

When I saw they were already serving coffee in the seats in front =) the time was right 😉 it couldn't have been better... with that pillow, eye patch, blanket and the seat that was almost like a bed... it couldn't have been any different =p I slept very well, and even forgot about the cruise, lol 😉
Uhulll time to eat more hauhauahuah breakfast, how delicious! The thing I liked best was the yogurt with honey, it was so good!!! It was actually natural yogurt, I added the honey and it was superb.

DSC 0882 2 - Cris Around the World
Shortly after breakfast it was time to land =D and once again in that city, would it all work out? Heavenly Father has always been by my side and he would undoubtedly know what was best for me!
We're going through immigration! What do you mean? Saying I didn't know where I was going to stay, or what to do, or anything...? Well... I appealed to the good old shopping mall hauhauah I said I was going to stay there to do some shopping, I used the hotel I had stayed in last time as a reference and everything went super smoothly =) one stage completed!
Now let's look at car rental! Although it was early and I had no idea what to do, I decided to wander around the airport and find some kiosks with information about cruises or something!
I actually found out that there were kiosks at Miami airport that sold all the information I wanted, but they were only open for two or three hours! So I kept looking around, went to the car rental place, and discovered some more great news! It was a holiday there!!!! That's why everything was packed!!! Almost all the car rental companies were sold out!!! I did a quote for a week's car rental, just out of curiosity... and as there were hardly any cars left, one rental company had the nerve to charge 800.00 dollars!!! hUAhUHA I laughed! So I went to the one next door, which had the same price for 300.00, walked around and around and ended up at Hertz again, the only one I found with a car at an acceptable price, a daily rate of 86.00, the others were 150.00 and up, and I asked about the cruise and they gave me ALL the phone numbers! And to my delight they were free phone numbers, they even offered the rental company's phone number to sort everything out! It was almost eight o'clock in the morning, so I waited a bit longer, asked to book the car and, as I had a place on the cruise, I would only have one day! Since I was leaving the next day =p
Would I succeed? Ahhh call answered!!! A lot of unraveling on the phone, since the girl spoke English and from there... quickly... and there there there LAST CABIN!!! Cruise bought, by phone! Lálálá, lots of luck! Last "cheap" car and last cabin on the cruise! Not to mention that this rule didn't go away on the plane either! =D
Now it was up to me to find out if the hotel would be open or if I'd be running around like a crazy person! I wanted to rest a bit before starting all over again, since the idea of the day was to go shopping... could I?

Well, it was almost nine o'clock in the morning and I was hungry again, so before going to the hotel, I popped into Mc Donal's and ordered a typical breakfast =D pancakes for a change! I love love love =p

DSC 0894 1 - Cris Around the World

I had a delicious lemon and strawberry frozen drink! And I saw that there are free soda machines there, since it's refillable! Great, it had to be here too =p
I finished eating and went back to the hotel. On the way, I saw a little shop, like a market that sells everything hauhauah I laughed my ass off! It was all written in Spanish, advertising everything! I photographed it on the spot!!!!!

DSC 0888 1 - Cris Around the World
I got to the hotel and it was packed!!! But I managed to get the LAST ROOM ahuahauh the city was very, very full because of the holiday! I managed to get it but with the detail that there was only one room for him, so if I wanted to stay because I hadn't managed to get the cruise, I wouldn't be able to... I'd have to run around the city looking for another one, and waste time! I told you how well I'm helped 😉
DSC 0900 1 - Cris Around the World
And after all that, I took a nap on one of the two double beds in the room! And I got my well-deserved rest!!! Along with a wonderful bath!!! Everything I needed to get refreshed and get on with my shopping!!! I was going to visit one more of their gigantic malls with several outlets, Sawgrass! And then I could say which was better, the Sawgrass or Dolphin... I've heard a lot of good things about both of them, but I wanted to have my own opinion =D


DSC 0846 1 - Cris Around the World
snacks at the beginning of the flight.
DSC 0856 2 - Cris Around the World
Happy with a pillow!
DSC 0857 1 - Cris Around the World
Even happier to be able to sleep well!
DSC 0889 1 - Cris Around the World
Mc Donald's refill
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