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An invigorating nap, good, very good!
Time for another shower and SHOPPING!!! Sawgrass here I come! I took the car, put the destination in the GPS! And off I went, I turned on the radio and started laughing, the announcer was speaking English and Spanish AT THE SAME TIME, they mix it up so much there, even the radio is like that, to the point where in one sentence they manage to put both as if they were one language ahahhaha and in a little while, I'm walking along the smooth streets there and I hear.... Wow, wow... you'll kill me... oh if I catch you... oh oh.... HEIMM? Music in Portuguese, on the radio in Miami? Ahhhhhhhhhhh no... until then? The worst thing was that it wasn't even the English version, it only played in Portuguese, I couldn't believe it...
I continued on my way and one thing I really admire there are the streets, no potholes, everything is perfect... even with construction work going on, traffic doesn't suffer, the infrastructure is really good, I even filmed a section to show how wide and good the streets are =)

With that, even what is far away becomes close, I was almost at the mall =) and super anxious to get to know it and find out which was the best outlet =D
I arrived and realized that Sawgrass was bigger and therefore had more stores, which was a periiiggooo hauhauahau luckily I'm a controlled shopper =p
We went in, and passed a store that sold MANY different brands at great prices, but I walked straight past it. This brand thing has never been my thing, and at first I wanted to look at things and then see what was worth buying or not, thank God that day I had a lot of time and calm to do things, it was the only day for shopping. Until... I went into a camera store and then... that was it!!!!! My eyes lit up, I saw lots of great lenses for my beloved Nikon, and my hand started to itch, I considered the possibility of swapping my Nikon D3100 for a D5100, but the guy in the store said it was nonsense, that my camera was already very good, much better to buy lenses, that the price invested in the 5100 wouldn't pay off and so on, he convinced me, and I left the store with a 70-300 mm lens, a new camera bag and two filters!
Of course I regretted it as soon as I left, I wanted to look at things first and then buy them! I got out of control ahuahauhauha I kept that in my head all day, but I carried on shopping... alas... 300 dollars for all that, was it any good? I didn't know, I hadn't done any research, I went on impulse, I never do that... what now? Well, if I keep thinking about it I won't finish the day, so I left my thoughts in my head and went on my way =p
I went into all of them, but I didn't buy anything, I'd leave it until I'd seen the whole mall and really seen what it was worth and what it wasn't, especially now that the thought of the lens was taking over my head ahhaha
Er... I mean, I wouldn't have bought ANYTHING, but I ended up going into a chocolate store and I bought, hummm, what a treat, it was a chocolate with pieces of chestnut and dulce de leche, my goodness... too good!!!
Godiva chocolate, I'll never forget it, very good indeed!!!

DSC 0935 1 - Cris Around the World

This cheered me up =D and I ended up forgetting about the blessed lens, I went into more stores until I decided to buy it, there were four shirts at Aeropostaletwo polos, a plaid one and a normal t-shirt... that was all the shopping for the day!
The mall was much bigger than Dolphin and there were a lot more kiosks selling stuff in the corridors, and a lot more annoying people pulling you around and wanting to push something on you every five minutes, which made it boring!!! They put things on us, showed us how it worked and so on.

DSC 0933 1 - Cris Around the World

But I did notice one good thing: the perfumes there were much cheaper than in other places, so it's a good tip to buy perfume there and not at the duty free as many people do.
It was a tiring day, I went into two other camera stores to see the price of my lens, but the cheeky salesmen wouldn't give me the price, and they saw that I was wearing one, so they rolled over and when they did, they put their price down, I got very angry, I wanted to know the price of the lens, so I went to the free market website, there it cost 640 reais, I felt cheated, because if that's what it is on the market... the price they bought it for must have been much lower... I had that in my head for the rest of the day... but I kept it.
Outside, it was late at night and my stomach was complaining a lot, so I went to find somewhere to eat. I went into a restaurant that looked like a jungle hauhauha very cool, with a pet store and everything personalized for sale.

DSC 0943 1 - Cris Around the World

I loved the place, I took a thousand photos, there were lots of cool aquariums, the place was very well done, I sat down to eat and I didn't like the menu, specifically that day I needed real food and not sandwiches, it was very greasy there and snacks, I don't know... although the place was very nice... I preferred to go elsewhere...
So off I went... in search of food for a change, until I found it outside the mall, but still inside, because it was in the parking lot, a very nice pasta restaurant and very cheap! The price of a well-served plate of gnocchi was the same as a sandwich in that other one that I didn't eat, much better a plate of pasta than a sandwich =p

DSC 0987 1 - Cris Around the World

I sat down, the cold was already coming so I put on a jacket that swallowed me, it was Igor's, and finally relaxed, first thing they offered me when I arrived was water, I loved that, and for free, then came the entree also on the house, I loved it more ahuahuahuaha soon after the order arrived very willingly and delicious !!! That's what I needed, my body fed and very well fed!!! I loved it, I love water, and I ordered an ice tea with it, because it's something else I like a lot.
As soon as I'd finished eating, I went to the car and straight to the hotel, I was DEAD with more dark circles than anything possible! I needed to sleep so I could get through the cruise the next day, because it was going to be a long day until I got there! So I went to the hotel to rest.


* Bonus

Ahhh before I finish this post, I'm going to put up a video that translates very well my indecision about what to do in Miami hahaha I forgot it, so I'll put it up now. I did it on the plane;
I start the video grimacing and end it seeing my reflection and how white I was, I was hungry, tired but not sleepy, anxious and thoughtful hauhauahauahauhah


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DSC 0951 1 - Cris Around the World
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