Munich - Holiday 2012. Second day, did I stay?

Munich train station.
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Would I be able to stay in the beautiful city?

Fed, and almost happy! But it was already 24 hours without a shower and I was almost going crazy! But I wasn't going to miss out on the city because of these thousand problems, my suitcases were already packed and I had to enjoy something, I didn't just want to spend time in Munich, I wanted to get to know the beautiful city that was appearing in every ray of sunshine!
I'm too strong for any "little thing" to discourage me.
And it was with this thought in mind that I wandered aimlessly, until a sign for a "store" caught my eye, and a LOT of it! "Tourist information" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that's where I'm going to find out what to do in that city, in just a few hours.
We arrived at the counter and spoke English, until the kind German asked, almost affirmatively, if we were from Brazil, and then added that he spoke a little Portuguese, communicating in our language from then on!
How it comforted me, and perfect Portuguese! Very happy, very much so!
I told him my sad story and, as if it couldn't get any better, he said...
Ah, but I have some hotel options nearby, two blocks away, but it's a bit expensive!
At that moment, my heart leapt for joy, but I was a little worried... how expensive would it be?
80 euros! I almost kissed the kindest German who could come along, and he came like an ANGEL!
I couldn't contain my joy! What do you mean? 80 euros? I was so happy! It was less than half what I paid in Paris!!! Hehehehehe things were changing 😉
I thanked him very much, almost crying with joy, and ran back to the hotel! I wanted to drop off my bags, have a shower and change my clothes! I couldn't believe that I had almost left Munich without knowing anything, I was going to be so heartbroken! But something good always comes after a lot of confusion!
I went online, through the hotel network, sent news to my family, who had no idea how much trouble I'd gotten myself into, of course I said everything was fine, and I carried on like this 😉 after all, everything is fine when it ends well =D
I had already discovered a few things to do there, but the day had flown by and it was almost lunchtime, restricting my options...
What to do? I took a sightseeing bus, which gave a summary of the city's most important sights, leaving me with a better option for the next day, so that I could get to know what I liked best or something new 😉
Best thing I did, I was exhausted and practically turned over, walking around like crazy as usual wasn't going to be that easy 😉
I sat on the top deck and put on my headphones. The good thing about these buses is that, as well as the main points, there's a story about each of them.
What was waiting for me in this city? What was there to discover? Would my enchantment be lost? Or enhanced? And the first stop? Where would it be? Nham nham... how anxious!
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