Putting together my itinerary in Asia for the first time

 Thailand and Indonesia

Asia was a destination I'd dreamed of and hoped for for a long time, and putting together this itinerary in Asia was very difficult due to the large number of paradises, cultures and histories that the continent offers, and even more so because we were going with a child of almost 3 years old, so we had to organize things and prepare ourselves, because it wasn't all the tours we were going to do. There were countries included and excluded, cities and islands, and Asia would certainly be a destination we'd have to return to again and again.

itinerary in asia indonesia
One of the Indonesian islands from above.

Choosing an itinerary in Asia

After a lot of research, we finally decided that we would visit Bangkok and explore as much of Indonesia as possible. It was 23 days, divided into a few days with Bangkok, as we would be entering and leaving the continent through it. Bangkok was a crazy city. It surprised me with its huge shopping malls, its incredibly well-organized metro and its very different smells and foods. I'll tell you more about it later. And the rest was just Indonesia, between the islands and the different places I was dying to see. It was the part of the trip I was most looking forward to.

I preferred to stay longer in places because: We lost a lot of time getting around, we had children and it was much more tiring, and I also wanted to have a trip without rushing back and forth, so we went with a more free itinerary in Asia, deciding on some things right there. Having this flexibility when traveling is therefore very good, but you have to be aware of the seasons, imagine arriving in a place and having nowhere to stay, or having to pay a lot of money for accommodation. Traveling outside of crowded seasons has these advantages, as well as incredibly attractive prices.

Day of silence

Once I'd chosen the place, I went on to research other things, such as the best time to go, costs, safety and holidays, which were very important. I went on Indonesia's most important holiday, Niep Day (Silence Day). The airport didn't even work on that day, you couldn't even leave your hotel. And of course, deciding the itinerary day by day.

Traveling goes much further

This is the hardest part, but the most important in my opinion. Traveling isn't just about choosing a destination, buying tickets, booking hotels and that's it. There are a lot of things, like figuring out the best way to get around. After all, I was going to be on the other side of the world in a place I didn't know anything about, especially since it was a volcanic island in the middle of the ocean, so knowing about transportation was essential for me. Understanding the place a little better before I go helps me to have an idea of the things I want to see and the most common situations, and also to define the base point for each place. On the island of Bali we had to divide our itinerary in Asia by region, to make it easier and waste less time getting around.


The traffic in Asia is crazy, you lose hours getting from one place to another, you think there could be an accident at any time, but everything always works out. I saw families of adults and children of all ages on the same motorcycle. 3/4/5 people! All without helmets! It blew my mind! Because I found out that the accident rate is very low. It's unbelievable.

Setting up the basis of the itinerary in Asia

So that's how our itinerary went, remembering that I decided on it during the trip as availability was quite feasible.

01st day: Arrival Bangkok
02nd day: Bangkok
03rd day: Bangkok
04th day: Bangkok
Day 05: Bangkok/Bali - Ubud
06th day: Bali - Ubud
07th day: Bali - Ubud
08th day: Bali - Ubud
09th day: Bali - Ubud - Uluwatu
Day 10: Bali - Uluwatu
Day 11: Bali - Uluwatu
Day 12: Bali - Uluwatu
Day 13: Bali - Uluwatu - Seminyak
Day 14: Bali/Seminyak - Nusa Penida (Round trip on the same day)
Day 15: Bali/Seminyak - Gili Trawagan
Day 16: Gili
Day 17: Gili
Day 18: Gili
Day 19: Gili - Bali/Seminyak
Day 20: Bali - Seminyak
Day 21: Bali/Bangkok
Day 22: Bangkok
Day 23: Bangkok/Brazil

itinerary in asia with children indonesia thailand
Traveling with children is fun.

So let's get to it because there's a lot of cool stuff to share.
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