Óbidos chocolate festival

It goes far beyond tasty treats

Who here likes to travel and chocolate? Now how about bringing it all together in one experience? Well, we're off to the DELICIOUS Óbidos Chocolate Festival.

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Óbidos is one of Portugal's medieval villages. It's charming and beautiful! Its historic center is surrounded by its emblematic walls, which in 2015 made the shortlist for the Wonders of Portugal.
You can walk around the entire city on top of the walls, it's a delightful walk. But beware, for those with small children it may not be the best adventure, there is no protection and there is a risk of falling.

Another interesting fact is that Óbidos is known as the city of queens.
Throughout history, the city has been given as a dowry to various queens, which is why it has such a reputation. Who wouldn't love to win a whole city?


But it's not just the women who will enjoy the town, the kids will have fun in the little shops full of "medieval" toys, with bows and arrows and shields! The men aren't left out, and the gastronomy and typical drinks such as sour cherry, for example, are sure to delight visitors.

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You've already noticed that Óbidos is worth a visit even if it doesn't have any commemorative dates, right? It's no wonder that almost everyone who goes to Lisbon also makes a round trip to Óbidos.
Óbidos is just an hour from Lisbon and the trip is common among tourists.

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The Óbidos Chocolate Festival

The festival is taking place from April 25 to May 5 and each year brings a new theme.
In 2019 the theme chosen was sport, but do chocolate and sport go together? Can you lead a healthy life eating chocolate? Yes!

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At the Óbidos Chocolate Festival you learn that balance is the key.
The right amount of chocolate and plenty of physical activity can make anyone happy in any way, and even athletes eat the sacred fruit.
I was very happy and impressed to visit the Óbidos Chocolate Festival! I thought it would be endless eating, but in fact it was endless fun.
It's a program for the whole family, with mascots and various activities, and even chocolate took a back seat in the face of so much cool stuff.

Where does the festival take place and how much does it cost?

The Óbidos Chocolate Festival takes place at the foot of Óbidos Castle and admission varies depending on the day of the week of your visit.


Monday to Friday - €5
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - €6

Admission for children under 12:
With an activity included - €4 (only available at the event box office)
With two activities included - €5 (only available at the event box office)
With four activities included - €6
* during all the days of the event. Ticket price per child.

Schedule \

Sunday to Thursday - 11h00/19h00

Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays - 11h00/20h00

Óbidos Chocolate Festival activities

Sports park

The balance between practicing sports and eating chocolate can be seen at the fair itself, where you eat lots of chocolates and spend the energy you've accumulated in the same hour!

What do you mean? Huh? I'll tell you

There are several spaces at the fair and one of them is the sports park, where there are physical activities for all ages.

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Dances for the moms and fights for the dads, or even jumping jacks for the kids.

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The important thing is to have fun as a family and do a bit of sport together!
Maybe we'll try sumo wrestling? Lol.
Emmanuel even surfed, imagine that! And Igor went Stand Up lol.

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Chocolate house

In this space, kids can literally paint and embroider - fun is guaranteed!
There are face-painting activities, or the little ones can even make their own chocolate cookies!
Emmanuel loved being able to make his own cookies and was very enthusiastic about the decorations and delicacies! He took part in the Chocolate for Little Artists activity.

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Who hasn't dreamed of being a Master Chef? Whenever possible, my kid gets hooked on food and wants to make it straight away.
It's a very cool space for the little ones and almost obligatory!
There are four activities in total: Chocolate for little artists, Chocolate lab, Guilt-free treats and face painting.


I think this is the highlight of the fair! It's where the huge chocolate sculptures are and there's every detail.
We were lucky enough to see the chocolate turn into Cristiano Ronaldo in front of us, the work is simply AMAZING!


We also saw impeccable sculptures, such as Ayrton Sena's helmet and even an entire F1 car.

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As well as the sculptures, this space also has lots of delicious things to buy or drink - I couldn't resist the famous Óbidos sour cherry!

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Throughout the Óbidos Chocolate Festival, you can see kiosks selling one delicious thing after another.

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Lots of chocolate in all sorts of ways. Lollipops, fondue, traditional bars or even ruby chocolate, made from pink cocoa.
We tried this at the Nestle stall and it was simply DELICIOUS!

Show Cooking

Those who know can do it live, and that's the theme of the Show Cooking tent! Where professionals will show visitors to the Óbidos Chocolate Festival their skills live.
Of course, as well as seeing a show, the best thing is to eat! A tasting is offered after each demonstration.

Courses and workshops

Do you love chocolate and want to learn more about these delicious treats? Then you're in the right place, with a different workshop every day!
Keep an eye on the schedule, just click here.

The themes and prices are varied, please ask.

How to get there

The A8 (Lisboa-Leiria) and A15 (Óbidos-Santarém) highways, as well as the IP6 (Peniche-Óbidos) make access to Óbidos extremely easy, choose the exits
A8 North to North-South direction - Exit 17 Gaeiras/Óbidos
A8 South to South-North - Exit 15 Óbidos

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