Earth hour.

We have to take care of what's ours!

Today is planet hour! Don't you know what that is? Simple, the world is experiencing a real concern about global warming and climate change, this action is to raise awareness about the subject and to help a little too, after all it will be a whole hour of lights off saving a little of our energy.
This movement was started in Australia in 2007 by the NGO WWF. This year, the NGO's slogan for the action is "Shine a light on climate action". Of course I'm more than supportive of this action, our planet needs a lot of care to flourish and prosper for our beloved children, grandchildren and zillions of years to come.
At exactly 8:30 p.m. tonight, everyone should turn off their lights and help out in any way they can. Okay, but what am I going to do for an hour without lights and at night? There are endless activities, light a candle and scold, read a book, go for a bike ride, date in the moonlight, enjoy the city breeze, or even stimulate the kids' creativity, here at home I have to invent some things, even if they're silly, like taking a cardboard box and pretending it's a TV where I'm the presenter or a puppet show for my baby, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun!
Last year we broke the record for the number of Brazilian cities taking part, and I hope we'll break it again this year! A total of 185 cities and 626 icons in Brazil turned off their lights, and we're on our way to more!
What I liked was that even Brazil Hospitality Group (BHG) is joining the movement with its hotels! At this time, the reception will be lit by candles, they will turn off the signs during this hour and they will also distribute communication and awareness material about the campaign to their guests, which aims to encourage them to also turn off the lights in their rooms, very nice when companies are aware, right?
So let's turn off the lights, shall we?


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