The most German city in Brazil!

It really is possible to have the feeling of being in another place, it seems as if time has stopped running only there, in that place, whether it's the houses, the impeccable streets or even the language you hear when you walk along the sidewalks. Pomerode is right next to Blumenau, was only emancipated in 1959, and is an example of organization and cleanliness. Today it has a literacy rate of 98.2% and the vast majority of the population speaks German, a compulsory subject in the municipality's schools, undoubtedly a beautiful legacy of German culture, brought by settlers more than 100 years ago from Pomerania.


In Pomerode, we were able to experience a bit of Germanic culture in the houses that still preserve the half-timbered architecture. We talked to a traditional family who were extremely open to curious visitors, proud of their history and tradition. They told us a little about the history inside one of the houses on the half-timbered route, the largest concentration of this type of construction in Brazil, with more than 100 examples, listed as National Historic Heritage. The houses are beautiful and the interiors are jaw-dropping, especially in the house I visited, which had recently been refurbished and was more modern than ever, creating a contrast between old and new.

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In addition, we visited hunting and shooting clubs, I thought it was great to see all the history kept there, with old flags and everything else, not to mention the activities that take us back to the sports of the time, we took part in some, I loved it! The local folklore is very latent and well preserved, all this with a special touch at our reception with the right to typical treats that make me salivate just remembering!

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The city has attractions for all ages, but unfortunately our stay there was very short, so we didn't get to visit Vila Encantada, a theme park that looks really cool, but will definitely be a destination for our little one, who will be enchanted by dinosaurs, giant insects and pirates.
You can't talk about Germany without thinking about its typical cuisine! That's why we visited the best in the region, the Wunderwald! We indulged in pork knuckle, stuffed teal and much more, so delicious that I couldn't leave without almost tasting everything! So many options that I got lost!

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The city also hosts many cool events, such as the Pomeranian Festival in January, considered the most German festival in Brazil, 11 days of lots of beer, typical food and parades, even bigger than the famous OktoberFest in Blumenau! Easter also sees the Osterfest, when the city is decorated with symbols such as the Osterbaum. And if you think that's it, at Christmas they really take decorating seriously and turn the city into something even more magical!

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Are you going to say that this little piece of Brazil isn't worth a visit?

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