Pantanal Carioca

A different walk in the middle of the city.

Everyone who follows me knows that I love water, nature and hidden corners! I was recently invited on a tour whose name couldn't have been more appropriate, the Pantanal Carioca, and of course I accepted in a hurry and was super curious, what do you mean pantanal carioca?
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Right in the middle of the buildings and all the hustle and bustle of Barra da Tijuca, there is the Marapendi Lagoon and the entire Barra lagoon complex, including Ilha da Gigóia with its many delicious and traditional restaurants. What I didn't know was that the fauna, flora and landscapes that awaited me on this tour would surprise me so much.
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Romulo is the person who leads the tour. He picked us up at the Hotifruti dock in Jardim Oceânico, but it's possible to get off at other points too. From there, he began to tell us a little about the history and the reason for the name Pantanal Carioca. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, he explained that he had always done this route, and as a hobby and leisure, he decided to create the tour and show everyone what he already enjoyed and did with his friends, after all, sharing good things is always good, right? How come no one had thought of exploring this area before?! With great enthusiasm, he showed us the species that live there, among the trees and plants we saw birds, capybaras and even alligators!
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A place that many cariocas don't even know exists, we pass through this area every day and don't even notice it, it's so close that it's surreal! How come I never realized it myself?
Each time we went further into the preserved area, the landscape changed into something more marvelous. Of course, the surrounding buildings are charming, but I really like nature, even the water changes its appearance and the birds start to show who's boss, flying around, a show!
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We kept going and Romulo, who by then had already shown himself to be a very nice guy, got even more points, since in addition to the great ride, he also helps to pick up the garbage and improve the environment more and more, you can see that at various points you do need this little bit of help, so guys, don't throw garbage around!
We went to the Baependi Municipal Natural Park and from there we came back, and that's when we saw the dreaded beasts, the caimans!
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Yes, there are several of them, practically one on top of the other, just waiting to be appreciated, the final touch of the tour. We headed towards Ilha da Gigóia and just when we thought the surprises were over, the grandiose Pedra da Gávea appeared in the distance, greeting us with another wonderful view. Rio de Janeiro really is beautiful in many ways, whether it's for its natural beauty or the mix of the urban with it all. We made a pit stop at a restaurant to go to the bathroom and then disembarked.
The tour was great, I loved it! Crbws pantanal carioca crisstilben cris pelo mundo cris cris (38)
Ahhhh and all washed down with snacks and drinks like soda and mate, I love it!
I really want to do the Sunsetuise, which takes place right at sunset! Imagine ending with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the city?
They also offer the option of a gastronomic itinerary, what a treat hein....humm...
Did you know this part of the city?


Route: 26km
Duration: 2:30
Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks included
Free Wi-Fi

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