Rodízio de Hambúrguer in Rio de Janeiro.



Sunday is the day to go all out, right? And that's what we did! Burger rotation!
We love burgers and there's nothing better than eating to your heart's content!
What would that be like? Could we stand it? Do you have many varieties? Well, let's get to know it.

Burger Fest

We found out about this burger rotation when we visited the place at Burger Fest.
They made The Big Boss, a huge burger that served 8 people!
They understand hamburgers, right?

Even though it was a monster, the burger was delicious and left nothing to be desired in terms of its size.
Tender, juicy meat and a very special sauce! I loved it and couldn't wait to go back.

Burger rotation

So I made an appointment with some friends and off we went.
We sat down and then the hamburger rotation began.
First stop, Coach, meat, cheese and Andy's mayonnaise!
They're so delicious, they're so small and beautiful, and they're so tasty, so we started devouring them and then came the second one.
Dynamo Burguer, chicken burger with teriyaki sauce and cheese, oh my...

I'm still finishing the second one, but then comes the third Bronx with cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and Andy's mayonnaise.
Their mayonnaise is delicious, very well seasoned and makes all the difference to the burger!
I was already satisfied, but there were still a few more to try, 7 in all!
Then came the others, there was hardly time to breathe, there's no misery in this hamburger rotation!
Triple X with tartar sauce and lettuce, WTF with gorgonzola and bacon.


Next came my favorite, OGROBURGUER, with smoked cream cheese, caramelized onions and pepperoni crispies.
Igor preferred the BAD ASS, smoked cream cheese with caramelized onions and barbecue.

That's a lot!

But don't think it's over, you can have some more fries! They're also in the burger rotation and can be enjoyed at your leisure.
Everything was so tasty, I liked it! I found the price very affordable, R$39.00.
Especially considering that it's a rodízio and we found ONE hamburger being sold for more than 20 reais.
I loved the program to round off the weekend, a great excuse to meet up with friends.

It's a nice, quiet atmosphere, and you can choose between 3 options.
Balcony at the front, inside all covered and closed and at the back more hidden and romantic.
Ahhh another nice thing, children under 5 don't pay!
The all-you-can-eat burger bar is open from 6pm on Wednesdays and weekends, including public holidays!

Address: Av Armando Lombardi , 633, Barra da tijuca


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