Rome and the trip to Cruzeiro (part 2)

Fortune has changed


It was my last night in Rome and I was really looking forward to the cruise!
The trip so far had been very hectic and stressful, so a few relaxing days would do me good! Not to mention that I was looking forward to visiting the beaches of Europe, Greece and Turkey.
The day came, I woke up, tidied up and went for my last coffee in Rome, this time in another bakery, all beautiful and very tasty for a change! How can they have such good coffee and perfect pastries?!!! Rome really is a good place to eat!

Fed and happy, I grabbed my bags, ran for the metro and was soon at the train station to go to Civitavecchia.
Well, getting from the metro to the train was very easy, but getting the train... I had to wait a long time!
I bought the ticket and stood there, looking at all the screens, places and trains at a standstill. Now what?
Then an angel appeared and helped me with everything! She took every step with me, taught me and put me in the wagon.
TIP: Click here to find out how to take the train in Italy. BEWARE OF FINES! DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR TICKET!
I was very happy with the girl's help and there I saw how many good people there still are. I even offered her money in return, but she turned me down.
My tiredness had disappeared, my enthusiasm had taken over.


The train was super comfortable and I soon arrived at my destination, but I didn't know how to get from the train station to the port and I was still full of suitcases, after all it was a month-long trip that varied between hot and cold, right?
I looked, looked and saw a young man, I asked him how to get to the port from there, he took about 3 minutes thinking until he answered:
It's a bit far to walk, but I'm driving and I'll stop by, so if you want you can take your bags and come with me.
As a good Brazilian, I was immediately suspicious, but hours ago an angel had appeared, why couldn't it have been someone else?I took my things and went, offered money for gas, but the guy wouldn't take it and even put my bags in and out of the car, not even letting me touch them!
Thanks to the help of the good guy and the girl who helped me a lot, I managed to get to the port on time, two angels on the same day! And my happiness only increased - it's so good to be able to believe in people.
I arrived at the port and it was time to board the Cruzeiiirrrooooo!!! Simbora!?!?!?



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