Royal Road - São Lourenço and São João del Rei

Unforeseen on the trail.

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We left São Lourenço too full of water and continued along the trails, but we encountered our first unexpected difficulties: we got lost at milepost 1125, since the information on the spreadsheet for the direction Paraty - Ouro Preto is inverted, the directions for this milepost say to turn the other way.
royal road são lourenço são joao del rei We eventually found each other, lost a considerable amount of time and carried on, until the same thing almost happened at milepost 1121, which was a bit hidden, so you had to be very careful to find it. We managed to complete the trail successfully and after these two setbacks no unforeseen events occurred.
OBS: We've already spoken to those responsible for the Royal Road Institute and they've told us that they're going to fix the information.
One thing caught my eye: at milepost 1114 there is a hostel that also accommodates horses. I thought this was a great idea, especially for people who do the trail in other ways, after all, doing the Estrada Real trail on horseback must be really cool!
We soon arrived in Caxambu, made a quick pit stop, just for a toilet, a pastry and some water, and then we were on the road. Night was falling and the fear of not reaching our destination began to grow, there were still a few kilometers to go, so we decided to take the asphalt road and not stop until we reached São João Del Re.
That's what we did and we hit the road, the night getting thicker and thicker, and to add an extra touch of adventure and mystery, when we passed through the region of Varginha our GPS started to go out, could it be ETs playing with our valuable GPS?! Yes, very valuable, the roads in this region are dark and very poorly signposted and without a GPS it's almost impossible, especially when you enter and leave towns along the way that even the GPS gets a bit confused. 10 p.m. was approaching... Let's not stop, let it be midnight, let's keep going! We didn't want to compromise our time any further, until tcharãmmmmmmm, WE ARRIVED! Uffaaaaa, what a rush.
São Lourenço and São João del Rei (2)
The town was LOADED, and we discovered that it's a very famous carnival among the neighboring towns. The residents of Tiradentes, for example, who want more excitement, always rush there to enjoy the carnival.
We found several places to sleep, but everything was empty and to make matters worse, it started raining and now?! It was already 11 o'clock and the next town was Tiradentes, which is much smaller, so it was impossible to find a place, so we had to stay on the street?

We kept looking and got further and further away from the city center, until we found a hostel, but there were only a few places available and we had to share a room with four people. We found a hotel right opposite the hostel with two more places available, we split up and finally managed to relax, we left our things in the rooms, showered and went down to eat something, I wanted something typical, so we stopped at a place called Porkaria! Torresminhos made me happy, yupiii!
São Lourenço and São João del Rei (3)
It was past midnight and now it's time to rest, tomorrow we have to get to know the city and leave.

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