Salvador - Continuation of the sightseeing tour.

sunset salvador bahia

We got in the car and headed for our next destination, Yuri started driving and I began to recognize the streets and places, I started to feel happy, because I no longer felt lost in a city I had just met!!! A simple walk had already given me that... and mental photographs helped me put together this geographical picture 😉
As thoughts bubbled up in my head... with a mixture of joy, excitement and anxiety lol I remembered the feeling that had taken over me before the trip...
I went without knowing anyone... without knowing what to do and without any plans! Not to mention the fear I had of the place =p
Ai ai... it's great to have the ease of making friends!!! And having friends who meet friends and end up becoming my friends lol
Renan is a friend of a friend =) before I traveled, a friend of mine told me that he knew people in Salvador and gave me his contact information, so that if I had any problems... I knew who to look for 😉 I went in blind, but with a guide dog if I needed one =D and he ended up becoming a friend and a good guide =p
Thoughts that remained in my mind for a fraction of a second 😉 and soon I was back to the real scene, we were approaching the Museum of Modern ArtThere was going to be a very nice jazz concert there, and the scenery was wonderful with a beautiful sunset!
We parked and began to see beautiful places, under the MAM (Museum of Modern Art) there was a very delicate and beautiful beach, practically private, as access is by boat or when the MAM is open, as there is a path after the gates that gives access to it 😉
I stood there stunned by so much beauty and dying to throw myself into that water... but I was soon dragged to the part where the jazz show was going to take place, we paid our entrance fee, an illusory price too... just FIVE reais lol, I was enjoying how cheap things were there hehehe and we soon went in 😉

Salvador Bahia 2829629 - Cris Pelo Mundo

Inside we listened to good music and enjoyed the view! From there you could see a favela, which was on the coast and overlooked the sea... it looked like Vidigal, here in Rio...
The sun said goodbye to us and gradually departed... becoming shy and small until it disappeared for good... but its beauty was not absent... truly breathtaking =)
We had a wonderful acarajé and I tried some of my friend's kiwi caipirinha, an exotic taste... very bitter hehehehe.
It was late at night and the music was still playing, but we decided to go out to eat and see if we could do anything from there.
We continued on to the other side of town... we stopped at a pizzeria and ate a lot! We were so hungry, we ate like monsters!
Fed up, we decided to get out of there and go to a bar... everyone was looking a bit dead... but we still didn't want to leave...

Salvador Bahia 2832629 - Cris Pelo Mundo
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We went to Rio Vermelho... there's a square full of bars... really nice!!! We found some chairs and tables and all sat down to drink and chat... we started meeting friends of friends and the next thing we knew the table was huge hehehe
But sleep began to show signs of life... the blessed tiredness also decided to hug me and stick to me, as if they were guys who had decided to take care of me for the rest of the night... and with great commitment, the kind that I had to accept or else they would never leave!
We looked at places to go and things like that, but my body really couldn't take it anymore =p we ended up leaving the bar and going straight to the hostel to rest, it was around midnight. And the next day we wanted to see more and make the most of it =p...
We arrived at the hostel and Dido was leaving with Marcos... and asked us to go to Rio Vermelho... hehehe we laughed and said we were on our way back from there and wanted to rest 😉
We went to the bedroom, showered and set off to meet Morpheus.



Salvador Bahia 2831029 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Renan, Laísa, me and Yuri.
Salvador Bahia 2832029 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Concentrating on her nails, sitting on the Rio Vermelho.
Salvador Bahia 2832629 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
It was full.
Salvador Bahia 2832729 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Laísa making an ugly sign!
Salvador Bahia 2828829 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Beach below the MAM.
Salvador Bahia 2829029 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Salvador 28629 2 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Salvador 28329 2 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Salvador 28429 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Favela that can be seen from MAM.
Salvador 28529 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
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