Salvador - Night =p

Night Salvador Bahia

I woke up, my body was much more rested, I finally felt like I had replenished my energy nham nham =)
Laísa was asleep and I rushed to wake her up, it was already 9:30 and I still wanted to curl our hair, to change our appearance a little 😉.
Nega, wake up and let's curl your hair! HauhauhauaUHAUHA 
I was cursed at a bit, she said I managed to sleep and she was watching Ti-ti-ti hihihi she said I was naughty I lay down and slept and that it wasn't that easy for her =p
I explained that I took advantage of the time to sleep, as I wanted to make the most of it!

We all got up, showered and went to do our hair, first I curled the girl's hair and it was beautiful =D then I did mine, I'm more skilled with my own hair so it took me half the time 😉
Of course, there was a photo session while we were curling our hair, something we could never do without =p
Hair done... let's move on to the last stage, make-up... this wasn't even my strong suit... not to mention that I was a bit red from the beach lol... so it was a swipe of mascara and a swipe of lipstick and that was it hauhauahuah 
Laísa is already more knowledgeable and put more on her face =D she looked beautiful, and we were ready very quickly... we left the room and Dido was still working... we stayed outside for a while talking to the staff, talking to Marcos (the owner of Che Lagarto in Salvador) and the boys Bruno and Dido... 
Salvador Bahia 3 - Cris Pelo MundoBruno said he was going to a Pagode (which is different from the Pagode in Rio, their Pagode is like the forbidden Funk here... but with Axé from there =D, a "heavier" axé), a group of people from the Hostel were going with him and it was close by, in Praia da Barra =) in a street that crosses the beach, but we had already spoken to Dido that we were going with him... and he had said he was going to a party with a Dj from Recife who mixed local music with electronic music... and we wanted to see it =p
So we told Bruno that we were going with Dido and then we'd meet Bruno at the pagoda... that's it... two nights in one... perfect 😉
We left with Dido, two other Cariocas and Marcos for the Unibanco Space Cinema - Glauber Rocha, in the center of Salvador...
When it was time to go in, we discovered that they only accepted cash, and one of the cariocas who had gone with us only had a card, the money had been left in the car...

Salvador Bahia2121 28329 - Cris Pelo Mundo

We lent her twenty reais, so we were halfway there. gourds after all, we didn't know her =p Well, we danced a bit, had fun, took pictures in the bathroom hauhauahuahuha and then we went to the pagoda... it must have been about two in the morning when we left...
We arrived at the pagode and I was only going to go in after the carioca paid me, but she was playing John without an arm... saying she'd given up on going in... until she got up and paid what she owed =p and then we danced more and more!!! I even rolled a pseudo forró, but it was axé or whatever, I didn't quite understand hauhauah but it was fun =)
The good thing was that I was with a very large group and Dido and Marcos protected me, when an annoying guy came I stuck to them, as if they were with me and the guy left voooaaannnddoo =D very happy! Without anyone bothering me =D
I danced a lot with Dido and Marcos and it was a lot of fun, I was amazed at the potential of the Bahians dancing!!! My God, they dance so much and put any woman on the spot... they really dance... but here in Rio it's the women who dance the most. lol difficult to see a man who dances more =p, it was something like five in the morning and there were practically only us there... We decided to leave... and when we stepped on the door and put our fingers against it to push it... it started... FUNK... right away we went back! And we showed the Baianos how the cariocas dance. There weren't many songs... but if you've only danced to two Funk songs in Brasilia (at night)... dancing to four in Salvador was great =)
When it was over we decided to leave soon, our bodies were tired =)and there was practically no one left!
Marcos left us back at the hostel safe and sound and went home to his house...
Laísa and I went to the bedroom, took a shower because we were more sweaty than anything and we fell into bed!
It was already six in the morning, or almost... I had no idea what time it was... 
For a change, we'd get very little sleep and the next day was going to be very busy... Sightseeing... ouch...
Let's switch off... and enjoy every second of sleep...



Salvador Bahia 2813229 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Laísa and half her hair done =p

Salvador Bahia 2813329 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Almost done =p
SAlvador Bahia - Cris Pelo Mundo
Salvador Bahia 3 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Marcos and Bruno
Salvador Bahia2121 28329 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Bathroom at Espaço Unibanco.
Salvador Bahia2121 28129 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Every man wants to know why women go to the bathroom together, right? To take pictures!
Salvador Bahia2121 28229 - Cris Pelo Mundo
More =p


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