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We'd barely gone to bed and it was time to get up... coffee only lasted until 10 a.m. and we had to eat... we got up at 8:30 ... a great 4 hours of sleep Oo hauhauahuah
I got up and had a nice shower. Before going to bed, I'd already had one... but I had to take another one to get back into shape... the tiredness was critical... I needed some cold water on my body to wake me up!!!
P1160834 1 - Cris Pelo MundoAll ready... let's meet breakfast... nham nham... cereal with milk, bread with cream cheese and cake... not to mention mango and passion fruit juice... Very good! And now we're getting a sense of what the hostel was like... so beautiful... all decorated and cute... with painted walls and mosaics... not to mention the paintings, which were very well done 😉
P1160832 1 - Cris Pelo MundoRight from the breakfast table we went straight to reception to hunt down Dido, the guy we'd been talking to on Msn before going there and who'd made our reservation... it wasn't time for his "shift" yet, but he said he'd be there early just to sort it out with us.
He explained to us that by some mistake our booking, which was for a triple room with an extra bed, had been changed to a double room... but that everything had already been sorted out, that we just needed to pick up our bags and go to the better, bigger room and so on =D
And that's what we did, we packed our things and went downstairs with our suitcases to the right room 😉 Dido helped us with everything... and after the suitcases were in place... he took us to see the city...
Che Lagarto was opposite Praia da Barra, but he said that the best beach was Porto da Barra, a 10-minute walk from there.
He showed us the Barra Lighthouse... took a photo with us, commented a little on the city and went on to dispel the bad impression we'd had and had heard before going there...
The smell of pee wasn't noticeable, the hooligans... nothing much... I didn't even see many... beggars? No. And violence? It exists everywhere.
As naughty cariocas, we knew we had to keep our eyes open, but it wasn't as they said... =)
We arrived at Praia do Porto. Denise and Márcia each took a chair and stayed on the sand. I, Laísa and Dido went into the sea... what a nice thing to do... the weather forecast was for rain... for the time I would be in Salvador, but by the Gods... the sun was great, there were a few showers... but it was sun and rain, a widow's wedding lol hot and very hot =D
We swam for a while, the water was clear, the temperature perfect... neither hot nor cold... we swam for a while and while Márcia and Denise went into the sea for a while... I went out to rest on a chair =p and to chat a bit with Dido...
Soon the five of us were talking... and then I saw someone I knew... I looked and I couldn't believe it!
I even asked Laísa if she remembered the photo of a Portuguese friend she had shown me... and if it wasn't him walking in front of me?
As soon as I finish asking, he looks at me and walks towards me. HI...
Get out of Portugal! Go to Salvador and meet me in the middle of the beach!!!? Without a date?! Mennntiiiirrraaa hauahuahauha
Hi, what's up? That's impossible, man...
Hehehehe they both laughed. He was alone, he joined us and we were all talking... and then he pointed to the side and asked... Isn't that an actor over there? Vitor Fasano?
It really was the creature sitting next to us... a little older than I was used to seeing on TV, but still almost the same thing I'd always seen...
We continued to talk standing up... until a crazy girl walked past me and put her hand on my butt and burst out laughing... Just then Vitor Fasano looked at my face and waved his hands like WHAT IS THAT? I just laughed and said, "God, you're crazy! I turned red and had no reaction! What a crazy thing to do!!! Oo



P1160903 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Dido, Me, Portuguese Friend and Laísa
P1160822 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Coffee nham nhamm
P1160823 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Che's paintings.
P1160850 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Behind the lighthouse.
P1160856 1 - Cris Around the World
Next to the lighthouse.
P1160858 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
The lighthouse.
P1160865 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
P1160872 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
P1160874 1 - Cris Around the World
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P1160849 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Behind the lighthouse.
P1160904 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Me and Laísa! Finally the beach!
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