Santa Teresa and its restaurants.

A corner to be discovered.

Do you know a nice, cozy place? Those nooks and crannies that the locals keep to themselves? That's Santa Teresa, which is increasingly winning over the world and transforming its mansions into hostels and great restaurants, decorating its streets with latent and almost exclusive art, even leaving its streetlamps with the face of the unique place.
Santa Teresa Post
I'm suspicious, I love this corner of Rio de Janeiro and I recently fell in love with two restaurants there. One is simpler and the other more refined.
The first was Sobrenatural, located at 432 Rua Almirante Alexandrino with a sculpture on the door and cable cars framing a very cool atmosphere with wonderful food! Their specialty is seafood, which is very well done and would make anyone drool! The tip is to order the pastis as a starter, with their generous fillings complementing the flavor of the food. The interior decoration is also very pretty and gives a meeting between friends or lunch for two a light and relaxed atmosphere, a good option for those looking for great food at an affordable price.
Sante Teresa restaurant Supernatural
The second is Aprazível, which is located at 62 Rua Aprazível and has won a number of gastronomic awards, with an incredible panoramic view of the City Center and the North Zone, making the place even more pleasant. Its rustic themed decor makes all the difference, turning a simple meal into something exclusive and unique in a magical encounter! Some of the tables are in suspended bungalows near the treetops, making you feel even more at home. The dishes are carefully prepared by Minas Gerais chef Ana Castilho and are very well thought out, mixing our Brazilian diversity with French tradition. The tip is to order the couvert, which is very tasty with its wonderful spreads that complement the flavor of the dish, which is the ideal size for one person. As it's a more refined place, the price is a little higher, but it's worth the experience.
Santa Teresa Aprazível
Santa Teresa is a very democratic place with options for all budgets and tastes. These two restaurants have made my list of favorites here!
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