Secret traveler!

That's right, a Secret Santa for travelers.

The end of the year is upon us and get-togethers are becoming part of our daily lives, and these days I took part in a slightly different kind of Secret Santa.
I fell in love with the idea, it's simply brilliant!
It was organized by Jodrian from the Aventura Mango blog, at the Brazilian Travel Bloggers Network  The name of the Secret Santa was Secret Traveler and it was done online by a site that specializes in this.
And what would the presents be? Nothing more thematic and perfect than postcards!
We exchanged anonymous messages on the website to give our addresses so as not to lose the fun of the secret traveler and in a few days the cards were sent and delivered.
I just thought it was a great idea!
This card was the one I sent to my hidden traveler, but I ended up sending a letter together in an envelope and a treat, I write too much to fit on a postcard, hehehehe, that's why it was the letter too!

secret traveler
I don't know the person I took it from and writing without knowing them was a good challenge, but I loved the idea of being able to make new friends, the person I took it from and the person who took it from me, since I know almost no one on this network.
I've been exchanging postcards with friends for a long time and I love this retro habit of writing and sending letters. I think that's why I was so taken with the idea.
When the postcard arrived here at home I was so excited! I loved it, a beautiful postcard from São Paulo, from the blogger Marianna from the blog Segredos de Viagens, she said she chose this postcard because she thinks COPAN is the most beautiful building in São Paulo, well I don't know all the buildings in São Paulo, but of the ones I've seen, this really is the most beautiful!

secret traveler(2)
Marianna, I love it! Thank you so much for your love and have a wonderful Christmas too.
Is the idea genius or not?
I was so excited that I wanted to copy it here! It's very easy!

  • First, like our facebook page!
  • Then enter sign up and look for the group Cris pelo Mundo Amigo oculto.
  • The draw will take place on 26/12/2013 so you have to hurry if you want to take part!
  • They'll be given postcards from where they live or somewhere they really like.
  • After the draw, you will receive an email telling you who you have drawn.
  • Really? But how do I find out my friend's address? The site is very well designed and you exchange anonymous messages with both the person you've taken and the person who's taken you, so the surprise isn't spoiled.
  • Then send and receive the card =)
  • Ohhh and I'll post all the photos you send me of the cards on my facebook page and if you want to post them yourself, just send them to me in the comment of the card I post =)
  • Send your photos to with the subject of Secret Santa.
  • It's extremely important that only those who really want to take part sign up, because sending and not receiving a card is very sad!

Like the idea? Shall we take part?
Hiiii, who am I going to take out and who is going to take me out? Could it be you? I'm curious now!

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