The Beira Rio stadium from the inside...

Muddy feet... helmet on my head... and the tour starting...
The guide took us to the entrance used by the press, showed us where the interviews take place... the rooms, the changing rooms and the tunnel that leads to the pitch.... Ahhhh... very nice... very nice lighting... and then there was the little staircase that led down to the pitch... we were inside the stadium!
The panoramic stadium It's beautiful from the inside, an indescribable sight. When you sit in the stands, you have no idea of the view of the people there... I thought I was going to see everything small... without being able to distinguish things properly... but no... it's actually gigantic... things take on an enormous size... it's really cool... to see that smooth, green field... wet from the rain that had passed and... oh... really cool!

OgAAADYR OzrjGl3gaSCsckUToi2N13f006cu rovcuaxD76luhOfu3s2H3khQB8ZvECdbLFEUacxpfmJODwbKfVXS0Am1T1UAfqecO9YZ4nvIE0XUm5mekLP6G7 1 - Crisis Around the WorldThe stands were all colorful and I heard that it was to give the impression that the stadium was always full, even though it wasn't...
OAAAAOfFURRPEuH3aATFhu14cN8A3LhwJQblS2e OIgrWyMa2w0VaNmJdmV0mvzh6kyf2gcIMMTQy5k8YkEn20 0pSQAm1T1UExIVM7IBg IpYDV6wjc2gzFgWoy 1 - Crisis Around the WorldWe strolled around the pitch, took a zillion photos and continued to see everything... the guide took us to the dugout... and showed us how comfortable it was... huge, padded chairs that were really good, you could sleep soundly there... hahahaha
After the break and a bit of chat on the spare bench, we headed for the cabins or suites as they call them...
A very large space with beautiful cabins... room for about 12 people in each one... with a balcony to watch the games and the inside with sofas and television... really beautiful each one...

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The stadium was being renovated and modern booths were being built... a lot of new things were to come... and more beautiful things were yet to come =)
We left straight for the car, it was already late and the weather was almost rainy again...
The whole way we were arguing that the weather had to open up for us to go camping the next day, that it wasn't fair for me to come from Rio and for the weather to be rainy!
But that option seemed a long way off, given the weather, which showed black, heavy clouds...
I went home for a rest and in the evening we all went to Elen's =D
When I left the house, Cla teased me a lot because all the girls there... were wearing jeans at most and I was wearing a long blouse and a coat, dying of cold!!!
Bah... those cariocas don't know what cold is... for us it's very cool, even warm...
Hehehehe but as I was already starting to get sick... I didn't even want to risk it... I just went home!
Let's eat pizzaaaaa hummmm!!!
We arrived at Elen's house, ordered the savory pizzas and took a sweet chocolate one, which was a crime for the eyes!

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Everyone there was wearing pants and a T-shirt too... and the comment was the same...
Bah... how cold are you?
HAUHAuHAuHA it's not possible... and I'm not cold at all... they could only be making fun of me... although going from the mega heat to somewhere a bit cold... that's what happens... my body needs to get used to it... and that takes at least a day for me...
We stuffed ourselves and left her house around midnight, we couldn't stay any longer... the next day we would be traveling very early to Três Coroas...


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