The Casino... and last hours in Uruguay.

Last hours in Uruguay, with a casino and a late night sleeping at the airport.

Ahh we're finally in!
We were like three kids who had never been to an amusement park, lost in all the rides, not knowing what they were, where they exchanged money for tokens and things like that?
After driving around, seeing everything and really discovering that we knew almost nothing... we decided to ask around and ask for help!
There was one employee who was the friendliest and most helpful of all!!! His name was Diego, he taught us, gave us tips, accompanied us, showed us how to play, everything he could do, he did! He stayed with us for a long time until he saw that we could walk on our own two feet.
P5110321 1 - Cris WorldwideWe played for a while and soon got bored... it was all electronic, the only cool thing... was POKER, but unfortunately it was around 250 reais just to get in! Although I liked it a lot, I didn't want to risk it... there must have been some really good guys playing =p I may be good, but I'm not crazy lol
We decided to go out and see the rest of the city. It was already two in the morning and we had to go out behind the casino, as the shopping center was closed.
P5110330 1 - Cris WorldwideWe walked a few blocks and noticed that everything was closed! We went into a little bar that was closing and asked what was up... they said it was Wednesday so everything was kind of dead... and it closed early =/
We walked around a bit more, saw a gigantic potted plant... some "monuments" and got tired...
P5110325 1 - Cris Worldwide
At this point, Mimi, who had been wearing heels, was screaming with pain in her feet, she couldn't walk any more... and all we had to do was go back to the airport, as we were going to Buenos Aires in a few hours... and everything was closed...
We got a taxi and went to the airport! We arrived about three or four hours before boarding and we were very tired... the idea was to spend the night in Uruguay doing something, but our schedule was disrupted because everything closed early... so when we got to the airport and sat down, all the tiredness came over us!!! Our backs ached, our shoulders burned, our legs were weak and our eyes were heavy...
We went up to the terrace, which is beautiful! Full of paintings, trees and benches... and we used it to take a nap! We lay on top of each other and snuggled... the longest hour for me! The nap that invigorated any possible pain and sleep! Very good! I woke up and gossiped with Mimi... Raphael was still asleep... we took the laptop and went through the photos and published a few while time was running out... then we woke Rapha up and turned on the stereo!!! We started dancing funk at the airport in the early hours of the morning... HauhauHA
We're Brazilian and from Rio de Janeiro... hauahuaha and of course... we were the only ones there =p I don't like funk very much, no... but I confess that I was starting to miss Brazil and that's what reminded me of it the most.
Now there was little time before boarding... so we got up and of course took some photos before going to check in...
Yes, the soap opera has begun! Check in done, taxes paid... we went to board... WRONG! We were barred... remember the mess we had entering Uruguay?! So... we should have taken an entry paper that we would have shown on the way out... and we didn't get it... the miserable paper! Bummer... luckily we still had time... otherwise we'd be toast! And we'd have missed the plane.
We went to the Federal Police there, sorted everything out and were finally able to go to the departure lounge calmly and with a certain anger at the woman who barred us... since she had been very rude to us... Luckily the second woman was very nice... =)
we went in... bought more alfajores (we'd stocked up to eat in Argentina) and finally we were on our way to Argentina! Uhhullll We got on the plane...


P5110337 1 - Cris Around the World
Arriving at the airport.
P5110339 1 - Cris Worldwide
Airport =p
P5110346 1 - Cris Around the World
P5110347 1 - Cris Worldwide
Airport terrace.
P5110348 1 - Cris Worldwide
Airport terrace.
P5110353 1 - Cris Worldwide
Homeless, sleeping, dumped at the airport...
P5110355 1 - Cris Worldwide
I woke up o/
P5120006 1 - Cris Around the World
Dawn... on the plane...
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