The coolest part of Zoo Lujan!

Finally, the coolest part of Zoo Lujan!

Zoo Lujan Argentina Buenos AiresAhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Undoubtedly the coolest part of Zoo Lujan! We kept walking and there they were... majestic, but without a throne! They're not the kings of the jungle, but to me they're even prettier! Huge and orange! Brindled with black... and very, very tame...
Many people think that the animals are doped in this zoo, that this is the only way to get into their cages safely, that they are soft and quiet...
I entered the cage with the adult Tigers, one of whom was lying down to get a nice cuddle and five of whom were roaming around the rest of the cage. Two were walking from one side to the other, sniffing the door and taking turns on either side... preventing us from entering...
We had to wait for the keeper to give the signal that we could go in... there were two doors... one for a pre-cage and the other for the cage... we waited in the pre-cage until the cuties let us in... and every second we got more anxious!!! There were five of us waiting for what seemed like an eternity, but it wasn't even three seconds before he gave us the command to go in.
We were very close, almost touching the animal... and it was then that the keeper asked who would be the first to touch the animal?
Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina TigreOf course, I walked up to the animal and said "WOW"... the most tense person in the world... I didn't know how he was going to react... so I got up and started petting him... carefully and gradually gaining his trust... lol... the animal was huge... his paw was bigger than my face... if he thought he wanted to play with me... that's it... Cris would be there... or pieces of her to tell the story... =D
Everyone cuddled and played... and then we left... there was still so much to see... and it was past lunchtime... time passed very quickly!
We continued our tour of the zoo... We played with the monkeys... saw other animals... went round and round and fell for the bears... what cute little things... they really did look like stuffed animals... they were babies... with their little faces like beggars for affection =D
Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina kissing a bearZoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina feeding a bear we were fed, given bottles, cuddled... and the keeper said he was going to show us something nice... and if we wanted to do it later... we watched and of course we wanted to!!! He gave the bear a jabuticaba with his mouth... the bear took it with his tongue and it was the most delicate thing in the whole world!!! I gave him several fruits!!! I didn't get the first one right... I got scared and dropped the fruit before he got his tongue on it... but the second one onwards was o/ Very cute!!! Very affectionate, all delicate... I loved the experience =p
Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires ArgentinaI left very satisfied =D and there was so much more to see!
Right next to the bears... there were some deer antlers attached, as an ornament... we all stopped like fools and took pictures with the antlers!!! they were right on our heads... they looked like they were really on them =p lol
The guy at the zoo told us that every year a new pair of antlers grows... that a young deer only has two antlers... and that an older adult has bigger antlers, so you can tell its age by the number of spikes....
Nearby there were real deer... we ran with them... like leaping gazelles lol... the animals really are fast!!!
Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina dromedary Just ahead, there were the Dromedaries!!! Very cool! We rode them! Wolter went with me... it's funny that the animal is all soft... rocking =p rolling, we got off the animal... and the attendant came up with the idea of feeding the dromedary with his mouth too!!! HUAhUHAuah
Since I was kissing all the animals anyway... why not the Dromedary? Come on, carrot in the mouth and off you go!
Come on...!!! And he came eagerly, put his mouth on the other part of the carrot and paft! He almost kissed me with his tongue! I even felt his whiskers on me... arghtttt all drooled! Gross! Hihihihi but it was fun! =p
We left in a hurry, it was almost time to put the animals away... but we still managed to see the elephants!!! I didn't want to feed them... because we were greeted with a jet of mud... which they kindly threw at us with their huge trunks!
I took an apple and gave it to him... I didn't want to stop feeding him... I just didn't want to do it with my mouth... the Dromedary scared me lol so I fed him with my hand... sometimes he grabbed it with his trunk... sometimes he asked me to put it in his mouth....
I loved the interaction between the animals in this zoo... really cool!!! We left the Elephants at the end of the afternoon and all the other animals had been taken to the dormitory... I was sad because I didn't have time to go into the big Lions' cage... which makes me want to go back there... as soon as possible =p
We were exhausted and hungry!!!! The time went by sooo fast and we forgot to have lunch... we sat near a snack bar... we played on the children's toys hihihihi, a beautiful Macaw came to visit us, we took pictures and finally we left... to catch the bus back 😉
We got in... put the coins in the counter so we could get in and sat down! I slept the whole way... I was really tired!!! And hungry!
Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina pizzaWe arrived in Plaza de Mayo and immediately found a place to eat!!! Where are we going? Ahh si! PIZZAAA!!!
We arrived and got cozy =p nhammm can I have a marguerita with 4 cheeses?
Ahhh it's here! Was it pizza? Or was it a cake? What a lot! Completely different! Not to mention the size of the tomatoes! Huge! But what can you do? Lol, we were hungry and everything was profit!

OgAAHWfISA5CsrIda2NDYsSEd16HWonTHh7Vdn4Q1C60S4Dv6vzvKf4snBDTsktzGA lBQSkT8cL6ZJ6o Rf579A6YAm1T1ULrZLzg9IBXZz259ioc8LtODQY5I 1 - Cris WorldwideWe left and went to the chemist's for Rapha, who was still a bit ill. There we saw a rather funny advertisement! It was from Gillette! It said that it gave a softness that attracted even its rivals!!! An Argentinian, full of Brazilian women around him lol!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it... I laughed a lot and showed it to the rest of the guys... My Argentinian/Canadian friend laughed a bit... as if to say... what can you do, right? lol
We left and the surprises kept coming.
Then we saw a church on the other side of the street with Jesus Es El Senõr written on it! With that white dove in the red heart and everything! =)
Super mercado argentina buenos airesThen we went into a supermarket, bought some noodles, more water... and saw some different things... like their microwave popcorn! Very different! It was huge!
Well, shopping done, we headed for the Subte, my Argentine friend followed his line and we followed ours, on the way from the Subte to the hostel we stopped in a few stores, saw various trinkets... and went straight to the room!!!
We left everything upstairs... just took the noodles and went down...

I started making the noodles and Wolter stood next to me, started teasing me, saying that a girl kept looking at me... that she was in love with me!
Then he started saying that it was because I was very beautiful and looked like the Pocahontas, and since then she's only called me that!!!
Food ready... everyone fed... I went to the computer to check for emails and new things
I noticed that the keyboard there was quite different =) there were backwards question marks, ñ and other things...
Wolter stood next to me and Miriam in front of me, we added each other on Facebook to keep in touch after we left Argentina...
That done, sleep began to set in... we went upstairs and went to bed =)

Keep going...


Buenos Aires Argentina computer hostel hostel
Me in addiction.

Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina dromedary ride
Uhulll Dromedary ride!

Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina Elephants


Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina Elephant
Feeding the pet.

OgAAAMJZlkp Rs06veV5DBy3YyUTD5DMOEouk9OKxIwr8RJdF3auNL5JLQIh86ZtqfQrlDlfHnHDIa5S0n63V2qf3E4Am1T1UH HHKm2FrWDZUXJS7OWX5efupxL 1 - Crisis Around the World
Different keyboard.

OgAAALxGEAefwWwp Mr1ldZq3GjhKpxrQfUXctPoslRgE 78KM3bCAMHgDNkgdytFy1b2TT8D eBISBNmmHsZCl yB8Am1T1UJw8Z0UEtjrywkx8A3F5VRdMw5zH 1 - Crisis Around the World
I'm such a child =p

Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina feeding a bear
Ownn mtooo cute!

Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina Kissing a bear
Tongue kiss?


Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina Kissing a Dromedary
I'm disgusted by the Dromedary's drool!
Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina macaw
Macaw =) 

Zoo Lujan Buenos Aires Argentina tiger
Tigrao =D


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