The funniest night in Buenos Aires...or the whole world!

Night in Buenos Aires

We arrived at the hostel very exhausted, but it would be the last full night we would spend in Buenos Aires... because the following night would be the pre-trip and we would be leaving very early...
We rested for a while, ate some noodles and then asked our hostel mates what would be the best =)
Some boys from Santos told us about a GLS nightclub. We didn't want a lot of excitement, we just wanted to see some nightlife... it could be very light, since we'd be getting up early the next day to enjoy the last day... ...Not to mention that Mimi and I were a bit scared of the Argentinians... they'd come up to us in the middle of the street!!! Imagine in a nightclub, what would it be like? So we followed the advice of our hostel friends and went to the GLS nightclub... Me, Mimi, Rafa, Wolter and our roommate Paulista, who arrived later... We took two taxis.
It was a cold night... but as soon as we got to the club there was a girl in a T-shirt and a miniskirt!!!! And the thermometers read a measly five degrees! Periguete really doesn't feel cold! HUahUHUHAUh
I went with an overcoat, a jacket and a dress. But damn, it was cold out there!!! And the girl was so... so... Of course we joked, right? Rafa sent it right away. What's up neinhê! hauhauahuahuah
We were in another country... the woman didn't care... she didn't understand... but for us it was valid and we laughed 😉 , we stopped in front of the nightclub and decided to go in... In theory, everything was normal until then... the nightclub wasn't full of different people, no.... Men, women... until then everything was "normal", we wouldn't even have known it was GLS if it hadn't been for a poster of two half-naked men grabbing each other..., we got in line at the luggage locker, left our coats... and each piece left there cost 5 pesos... Wolter, very naughty... put his coat inside mine HUAHUHAUHAuHA and then we only paid for one piece... he was more "Brazilian" than all of us put together!!!
We put everything away and went to see the place. Wolter went to get something to drink... I was amazed at how this creature drank... it looked like water...
All right, they'd already said that Europeans drink a lot, but poooo, I'd never seen it, had I? And he never got drunk! lol
We stopped near the bar, and soon a perigee came up to Paulista... a big person... long black hair... light eyes... wearing very low pants and a top with the biggest breasts.... She started dancing and rubbing herself, a lot!
Now think about it... we're in a GLS nightclub... a "woman" like this starts rubbing herself against you for free... Is that any surprise? hUAHAHhauhauhauha
We tried to warn our friend that something was wrong, but the creature was so excited that he forgot all about the world around him and started dancing with the "woman". We started shouting! Heyy stop! Can't you see what it is? Eiii ... ow ... and it didn't help that he didn't hear!!! And he even asked to take a picture of the sexy dance I was doing. So what did we do? We took pictures, right? Nothing else could be done, because the next thing we knew, they were making out! Tsk, tsk. so much so that we tried to warn them... and then seconds after the kiss, a friend of the "woman" came up to us and asked... COME HERE! IS THAT YOUR FRIEND? DOES HE KNOW WHAT HE'S JUST KISSED?
So we answered, we know, but he doesn't =/ , what can we do??? We tried to warn him!
A few minutes later, he arrived in high spirits (he wasn't that sober anymore). See? What a woman?
HAUHUAHUAHuh we laughed and warned you. Look, it's not a woman!
P5140772 1 - Cris WorldwideHe couldn't believe it and said, "I've put my hand on it! And it's smooth! Of course she's a woman! We told him that "her" friend came to talk to us... and that the next day he would see the photo and realize that it wasn't a woman!!! Not to mention the fact that there are backwards techniques, right? huahauhauh
He was very ill... but what can you do? What can't be helped... can't be helped! The poor guy had already been rolled by a whore the day before (I'll tell you about it later lol, when I've completed the roll that happened the next day!!!)
We continued dancing and enjoying ourselves! Miriam and I were standing against the wall... and then two Argentinians came up and said... RIO DE JANEIRO... man... I can't explain it, but somehow everyone, at all times, knew that we were Brazilian... but Cariocas? We were stunned, we hadn't opened our mouths, and they knew where we were from! God huahauhauhau
P5140791 1 - Cris WorldwideThe crazy stuff didn't stop there! Mimi and I couldn't stand listening to electronic music any longer, so we went to the DJ to ask if there was any funk HUHAuhauhaUAHAH It's in the middle of Argentina... we both went to ask about Funk.... It didn't hurt to try...
The guy was very succinct... if I play funk here... I'll be lynched and beaten up... I can't play that here, no! Not to mention the fact that I don't have one (Remember that all the dialogues described here are in Spanish). We only spoke Portuguese to each other =p)
Well, the boys drank a bit, we danced a bit... we took some more photos and the night died!!! Not to mention that we wanted to enjoy our last day in Buenos Aires... and for that we had to get up early...

We left for the hostel in two more taxis.
Ahhh Paulista had already paid for a boat trip that was leaving early the next morning... but...

Photos =p...

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