Thrombosis and pregnancy with a little travel

How I reacted

Today I'm going to talk about a subject that's different from the traditional ones here. We're going to talk about travel, thrombosis and pregnancy
However, as it involves health, it's super important and also ends up being a bit linked to travel.
After all, as well as being healthy enough to travel, we also have to take a few extra precautions.
After all, you have to be healthy to travel, right?


Some time ago I found out from a family episode, my father's heart attack due to a thrombus, that I might carry the gene that causes thrombosis. I did some research and it turned out to be true! I had that gene.

Although I'd never had a thrombosis or anything, genetic tests showed that I was predisposed and I started a very simple preventive treatment, a daily medication accompanied by the use of anticoagulant injections on longer plane journeys, as well as wearing elastic stockings and walking during the flight.

Active life is ideal

Of course, the pace at which I led my life helped me a lot not to have had a thrombus, I was always very active, I ate a healthy diet, despite the many treats, I always ate plenty of vegetables, controlled my weight and everything that helps in a normal life.

This was extremely important to avoid anything more serious, as I had traveled a lot by plane and taken contraceptives.
Two things that increase the risk of this type of disease.


Thrombosis and pregnancy!

A year and a half after the discovery of this gene came the discovery of pregnancy! And now how would I react to thrombosis and pregnancy together?
And yes, now the care would be doubled, with the hormones in full bloom and bubbling because of the pregnancy.

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The risks of thrombosis increase a lot, so the little injections that were only for long flights ended up becoming daily. Many people don't know, but my pregnancy was considered risky precisely because of this, but with good monitoring and regulation it ends up being easy, and that's how I spent my pregnancy, taking the injections, going to the hematologist as often as to the obstetrician and everything went perfectly well, I didn't develop the famous eclampsia, nor gestational diabetes, and I ate well, but I always made a point of keeping active too and making the most of my pregnancy! And now here's Emmanuel to show that it worked very well!

Lots of questions

Okay, but why are you telling us about it on a travel blog? If the main subject is thrombosis and pregnancy?
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Come on, when I heard about the "disease" I despaired, even because of my travels! Several questions came to my mind and I didn't find many answers, such as:

- Can I enter countries with an injection in my handbag?
Yes, I've never had a problem with that, but I always carry my prescription with me

- Will I know how to administer the injection or will I have to ask someone special to help?
I've always applied it in the airport's boarding bathroom, it's super simple, you don't need anyone's help.
Just remember to bring tissues, alcohol for asepsis and the injection, of course lol.

- Do I need to take the injection on ice? How do I store it?
There's no need to store it on ice, just leave it in your bag and be happy. I've never had any problems with transportation and it's very easy to apply and handle.

- I got pregnant and now I have this problem, will I stop traveling?
No, you just need to take the precautions that all mothers take! You can't travel by plane in the first 3 months or in the last 3 months, everything that made thrombosis easier before will be doubled now, so it doesn't hurt to take extra care.thrombophilia thrombosis pregnancy cris stilben cris for 2 world (8)

I just wanted to share my worries about thrombosis and pregnancy

The idea for this post also came from a comment I posted on Facebook talking about the vaccines I had left over and wanted to donate them. I saw that there are many moms in the same situation as me, full of doubts and even unaware of a very important piece of information I discovered in the meantime: the government has an obligation to offer adequate healthcare to its citizens and with a simple court order, as it is a high-cost medication, it is possible to pick up the medication at accredited clinics in your city. Wait until I explain everything, but first I'll also explain how I felt when the pregnancy came, the doubts and the despair that increased with every second, of course it's normal to feel insecure, after all the most important thing in our lives is here in our tummies, we want the best always and always!

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Calm down, everything is fine.

Then came the first purchases of the injection and I knew it wasn't going to be cheap, the first daily applications and along with them tears of despair, because it stung so much!
I didn't understand why I had everything together and why this thrombosis and pregnancy were so painful.
Tip: Don't forget to remove the air from the syringes.

There were also questions about why he deserved it or what he had done.
Those things that always cross our minds when we don't quite understand what's going on.
But at the same time came the support, love and affection of the most important people.

In the first month I had already spent more than one thousand two hundred reais on vaccines alone and the despair began to become unbearable, since several other expenses came along with it, until with the help of the Public Defender's Office of Rio de Janeiro and the legal support of my father-in-law, I found out that I could get the blessed injections through the government and I'm going to share with you how I did it.

How to proceed.

First I was told to go to the Health Dispute Resolution Chamber here in Rio de Janeiro.
It is located at Rua da Assembleia nº77-A, Centro, and the opening hours are from 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday.
I suggest you arrive early, bringing proof of residence, ID card, CPF, proof of income.
It's important to justify an income incompatible with the cost of the medication, a medical report with the description and a prescription.

I did this and within a few days the injunction had been issued, with the caveat that there would be a hearing to check everything, but in less than 15 days I was already picking up the vaccines at Rua México nº 128 térreo, the post responsible for delivering exceptional medicines in Rio de Janeiro (check the unit in your city or region) and then happiness overtook me!


Boring, but necessary.

The only "annoying" thing was going to pick up the medication every month, but I got through it with a smile from ear to ear. The hearing that had been scheduled so that the state could appeal didn't even take place, since it really was an essential medication, and without it there was a risk for mother and baby.

Over the course of the pregnancy, the dosage increased, but it wasn't necessary to file another lawsuit either. A doctor's order renewed every 3 months is enough to fulfill the request.

In my case, as the drug was not available in the dosage requested, they gave two injections.

I ended up having to have two injections a day towards the end of my pregnancy. I couldn't believe that this business of thrombosis and pregnancy was coming to an end.
But I was so happy that everything had gone so well that I no longer felt so much pain! The boring injections had already become a routine in my life and, most importantly, everything went extremely well!

Everything went very well!

Apart from taking the vaccine, I couldn't have had a better pregnancy, I didn't stop doing anything, of course I just avoided flying, but that wasn't a problem, since I have my whole life to fly around, I changed my trips to things I could do by land.
thrombophilia thrombosis and pregnancy cris stilben cris around the world (1)
I'm so grateful that everything worked out!
That's why I wanted to share with you how to make it work for someone who is going through the same thing I did.
There are many doubts and fears, and I wanted to make it clear that it's a phase that passes quickly, even if it doesn't seem like it.
It's definitely worth every bite!
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