Travel tips for those who want to avoid crowds


Traveling safely

The lockdown imposed by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 kept the vast majority of the population indoors. But now, with vaccination underway in 2021, economic, educational and leisure activities have returned to the face-to-face model, so I'm going to include travel tips here! Of course, following the protocols imposed by the Ministry of Health.

Travel to national destinations is back in full swing. That's why it's essential to look for travel tips for those who want to avoid crowds.

BONITO RIO SUCURI FUTUACAO Travel tips for those who want to avoid crowds

It is possible to travel safely after a long period at home. Even taking trips to attractive places helps to relieve stress, boost your spirits and create new memories.

If you want to have a different experience with your family after the lockdown, focus on safety measures. Avoid crowded places, use (if possible) private transportation, wear a mask and sanitize your hands frequently. It's also important to carry out Covid tests before heading to your travel destination.

Are you looking for ideas to get away from crowded places? Check out these travel tips for those who want to avoid crowds.


Being in direct contact with nature is a privilege for those who visit Bonito. Justifying its name, the destination in Mato Grosso do Sul has numerous ecotourism attractions.

As a result, there is the opportunity to create special moments in totally open natural environments, considerably reducing the risk of contagion.


Bonito is a city full of caves, such as the Lago Azul (the Blue Lake). from Mala Pronta Bonito made a very nice guide), waterfalls, hiking trails and lakes with crystal-clear waters. At some points it is possible to swim among the fish and see the aquatic animals up close. A safer and more exciting trip.


Known for being one of the liveliest capitals in the country, Salvador is a valuable travel tip. The region's fantastic beaches allow for a more peaceful stroll by choosing the safest spots on the beach.


The streets of the famous Pelourinho have a wide variety of artistic, cultural, gastronomic and musical programs. And plenty of space, which is also essential! So the whole family can go to the tourist attractions wearing masks and keeping a healthy distance from other visitors. Taking into account the controls on the number of people implemented by hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Monte Verde

Monte Verde is one of the best travel tips for those who want to avoid crowds. And to enjoy lots of nature too! After all, it's a must for lovers of quiet, cozy places with a cool climate.

The city in Minas Gerais has architecture similar to European regions, with a bucolic and graceful look. One of the main reasons to visit the city is the enveloping cold, perfect for escaping the heat of certain Brazilian regions, even in winter. There will be no shortage of options for ecological, fun and romantic walks, reducing the chance of contamination with the virus.


The capital of Ceará is undoubtedly one of the most surprising national destinations. A territory with many beaches, open-air tours and an abundance of culture.


Jericoacoara's beaches have a jaw-dropping landscape, you see. This makes it easy to choose a destination with fewer enclosed spaces and more open-air landscaping. To make the most of your trip, it's worth investing in a travel package so you don't miss a thing.


Located in Tocantins, one of Brazil's most seductive tourist spots is called Jalapão. The various rivers that cut through the region are great attractions for excursions made safely in environmental areas.

There are also orange dunes, rapids, rocky features, waterfalls and natural pools. A true paradise almost secret!


Among the alternatives for those wishing to visit the southern region of the country, Florianópolis offers many activities. One of the best sights to photograph is the postcard-perfect Hercílio Luz Bridge.


Floripa takes visitors on an exciting journey through the city's beautiful streets. There you'll find the Historic Center, schooner rides, the Morro da Lagoa viewpoint and even a tour on the panoramic bus. It's an open-top bus that helps you get to know the city up close, in an airy atmosphere. And with a guide to tell you about the city's history.

There's a comprehensive guide to eating out in the city, which you can check it out here.

There are plenty of thrills in store for tourists who come to Florianópolis to avoid the crowds. Just don't forget your safety itemsthe mask and hand sanitizer.

We hope you've enjoyed our travel tips for living new experiences responsibly and with great anticipation!

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