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Traveling with children

It's an honor to be able to participate in the Travel with Kids portal!

About three years ago I entered this world of motherhood and traveling with children.
I had no intention of having children. He came as a beautiful gift from God, which later turned out to be a lovely surprise!
It was all new to me! Would I, the most addicted traveler, have to get used to a quieter life?! Would my little one adapt to the traveling life? Would he like it too?

Many doubts arose in my mind and along with them fear and insecurity, but I had one certainty: I wouldn't stop traveling.

Many trips with children!

I discovered that pregnant women also travel and that, like me, many, many mothers take their little ones around the world!
I discovered a wonderful universe of many family travel blogs, some of which I already followed and others that I discovered later.

Each mother in this niche is extremely dear to me, and there are many different strands to the theme of traveling with children. Huge families, small families, adventurous families, more traditional families, families that travel for short periods of time, families that travel for years. It's a delight to follow each blog and see how rich this universe of family travel is and how big it can be. It's like that old saying, in a mother's heart there's always room for one more, and more and more profiles are being revealed.

I was surprised by a Facebook group that brings together a good number of these young people and today, on Children's Day, we decided to officially launch the Travel With Kids Portal. There are more than 50 beautiful blogs and Cris pelo Mundo is also present.


It's great to be part of it and show the world and help anyone who wants to make the best of the best trips with children.
We've rounded up tips from more than 50 countries, with trips for all tastes and places for everyone.

The portal is beautiful! And in addition to texts and destinations there are also videos and exclusive posts!

May there be lots of great tips ahead and may the portal grow more and more, after all, who said that traveling with children isn't fun? It is and it's VERY enjoyable.

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Supermarket in Amsterdam -

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

Arubinha - Rio de Janeiro.

The Blessed - Salvador Carnival.

Carnival in Salvador.

Christmas in Portugal

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