Is a traveler born a traveler or does he become one?

A traveler is simply someone who wants to see everything! They want to feel, touch, smell, taste, talk to local people, understand the culture and add it to their lives, learn and pass on their knowledge.

The traveler is the one who is always choosing a place to explore, alleys, islands or continents, it doesn't matter, he just needs something new in his life. They fill themselves with new things, they always have a map (even if it's in their head) that needs to be completed, like a sticker album.

The traveler doesn't really care if he's going to the beach or the mountains, a hotel or camping, cold or hot, it's all great and if it's together, even better, he's not the one who cares about a lot of luxuries and expensive clothes or the car of the year, he simply wants to travel, he usually measures his money by trips (I do that a lot!), ahhh, I'm not going to buy that, it's too expensive! I could be going somewhere with that money, I'd better save it.

But where does this crazy desire come from? Is a traveler born a traveler or does he become one? I don't know, ever since I can remember, I've been making lists of places to visit throughout my life, and it's only got bigger and bigger: first my state, then my country, then the continent and then the whole world, but I also remember traveling with my family. Whenever they could, my parents would take the car and drive me around to see new places. My school also helped me, introduced me to the camping that I love so much today, maybe I was born with this desire and the World only showed me the tools, I don't know.

Does a traveler need to get off the ground to start walking on their own two feet? And that's where my lists come from? Or is it simply that a traveler is born a traveler and this only instigates that adventurous spirit even more?

I'm so intrigued when I hear someone say that they DON'T LIKE traveling, how can that be? Can you explain it to me? Is this an addiction? Are we travelers addicted to traveling? I can't imagine spending a whole year without going anywhere!

Were you born a traveler or did you become one? Where did you start? Where did your desire to leave the place come from?

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