Trinidad the city and its night.

Delicious surprises.

I got back to the campsite and went straight to the shower to change, I was dying to finally get to know the town and that's what I did! I left without a destination, wandering around, stopping and looking at everything, I wanted to explore the little markets and find the cheapest corners, every city has more expensive and cheaper places, in the case of Trindade, which is practically one street, it's easier to observe this.
I went into all the little shops, saw everything, even tried on the famous elf hats they sell around town, and kept walking around and looking at everything!
trinidad night
Until almost at the end of the street, I found a grocery store with everything cheaper than in the rest of the city, water cost R$ 2.50 while in other corners it was up to R$ 4.00, almost double!
I took advantage of the good prices and did my shopping, bread, cottage cheese, water and even some flip-flops that were at the door of the market and made the list.
City reconnaissance OK! We went back along the beach and were forced to stop and look at that wonderful sky, away from the lights and noise of the city, it became something magical and absurdly beautiful! Constellations, shooting stars and a feeling of peace and freedom like no other. It's really worth getting a yoke and lying down to enjoy the stars, whether there or anywhere else away from the city lights, lying down and watching for a while is one of my favorite things to do when I'm in places like this.
trinidad night 2
After a while, I decided to go back to the campsite to have a snack and head back to Trindade for the night. On the way, I saw some people getting ready for the show and I really enjoyed it! I hurried to have a snack, put the rest of my things away and set off to enjoy the night!
trinidad night 3
Yup! A lot of good people making a sensational sound! The 10 of us traveled together, enjoying the songs with a rock and jazz feel, voices and sounds in tune, not to mention the pyrotechnic show with the guy spitting fire and spinning flaming juggling tricks! Very good! And to top it all off, a girl picks up the microphone out of nowhere and starts singing like Janis Joplin, hair flips and everything!

trinidad night 5This was in the middle of the street, and it was great to see the atmosphere of the whole crowd enjoying and singing along, but if you don't like this style of music, don't be shy, there's forró, funk and even reggae scattered around the town and the kiosk at Praia do Rancho, complete with lights, sound system and everything else.
Well, well! It was late and sleep was taking over and I was leaving the next day, so let's go to sleep so we can wake up early and have time to enjoy something else.
I woke up, fed myself and set off for Praia do Rancho to enjoy every second before leaving. Praia do Rancho is the one with the best infrastructure, with the best kiosks, kayak rentals and it's the departure point for the boat to the Caixa D'aço pool. The waters are much calmer and good for relaxing or diving to see the fish! A great way to enjoy the last few hours.

But I still have to dismantle the tent, pack everything up and maybe have lunch in Paraty!
We run, we get everything ready, we say goodbye and off we go? Wait, not yet! Gabriel and Gabriel decided to take the last plunge while we finished everything, beautiful run there!
But run there, it took two hours! 8 people waiting, with tents, suitcases and everything in the car ready! Where are they? It was after 3pm, we were starving and by then Paraty had already been aborted, so we went to Trindade to eat.
We went to find a place and ended up stopping at Branca's Restaurant, with WONDERFUL food! I chose a portion of shrimp with a side of fries, very well served and we even got another complimentary portion! YYmmmyyy!
trinidad night 5

On the way out, the guy offered us bubbaloo, but it wasn't like, grab it... it was grab it and FILL your hand for all your friends, I took it almost as an order! I filled my hands and left happy and content, perfect service, I recommend and approve of the place! Very good!
So now we're leaving? Putz, not yet, where's Gabriel and Gabriel?
We'll go back to the campsite and drop them off, but it wasn't necessary, we met them halfway, they apologized and said they didn't know we still wanted to go to Paraty, misunderstandings happen and finally VAMBOOORAAA, it was very late and we're still looking forward to the next trip!
Where will it be?

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