Trindade - The stone that swallows.

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I left the pool in the direction of Pedra que Engole (Swallowing Rock), but who said that the wonderful sea was gone? As soon as I finished the trail from the pool to the beach, the sun came out again and highlighted the beauty of the sea, making everything bluer and clearer, an invitation I couldn't refuse when I was more than obliged to make a pit stop.


It was practically me and the sea, a great moment for reflection and relaxation. This is the furthest place you can get to by footpath and, unlike the pool which has a boat as a second option for those who don't want to walk, the place was pretty empty! It only filled up closer to the trail back to Praia do Meio and near the kiosks, so if you're looking for tranquillity, this is the place for you, the point on the beach closest to the trail to the Caixa D'aço pool.


Time flew! And I had to finish one trail and start another, so let's go! I continued along the beach, on the trail back to Praia do Meio, and my hunger was already setting in, so I took the opportunity to buy a brigadeiro for one real at the trailhead, hmm! I immediately bought 3! In the rest of the city this treat is much more expensive, around R$3.00.

Energy back and yes, let's go! Now we're in the middle of the trail, we followed the stream in front of the trail and entered the bush, little by little the sand was giving way to dirt and soon we saw the sign that announced the beginning of the trail to Pedra que Engole! Another 700m and off we go, walk, walk, stop, film, photograph, walk, walk, oops we've arrived!!! The long-awaited and mysterious Pedra que Engole!!!
Wow, but this is a little waterfall, is this the Rock? No, it's another 100m up, you have to cross the water and climb up the other side...walk, walk some more and...Nowaaa yes!!!
Wow, but the swallowing rock has a very small hole and there's also a little waterfall, is it really that small in there? Could it be that I'm underwater? And to get out? I circled the place, saw the exit and reassured myself, since the exit was much bigger than the entrance, but I still thought, is it?
You know what? Come here and not go in? The place was full and there was a queue, I waited and puft! I went!

swallowing stone (2)

I sat down on the rock and slid in. The hole is very tight, it's nerve-wracking and the worst thing is that you don't know what's coming, but once you've been there the first time it's VERY easy, it's huge in there! There's room for your head to stay out of the water and there's very little sliding down the rock! The exit is even easier and the adrenaline rush is only due to the unknown, since everything else is so easy.
Uhullllll! Duty done, but let me go again, hehehhehe.
Now, let's go back because it's almost dark and I still have to get to know the city and be surprised by Trindade's nightlife

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