Villa Honegg - The dream hotel!

Villa Honegg

The most wonderful pool in Switzerland

I chose Switzerland as our first destination on our huge train journey across Europe, 60 days of chasing the Aurora Borealis all the way to the North Pole!

Dreams, charms and breathtaking landscapes. So there's nothing better than starting with a hotel to match, is there?
Can you imagine making a dream come true on your first night? Yes, the 5-star Hotel Villa Honegg. It had been on my radar for years and I could hardly believe that I would be able to make this dream come true.

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo16 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Villa Honegg - The dream hotel! 10 - Cris Around the World

This trip was so important to me that over the course of these days I ended up writing a book, a little different from how I usually report things here, it's a book without tips, but with lots of emotions from everything I experienced.

Emotions of a lifetime, emotions of seeing my son with me, growing up and getting to know the world in an unparalleled way, sharing moments like this with me, in this pool that is simply marvelous.

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo17 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Villa Honegg - The dream hotel! 11 - Cris Around the World

That's why I want to share with you a little about my book, my story and the emotions I experienced.
Of course, I can't fit the whole book in here, but between one tip and another, I manage to include important passages =)

History of Hotel Villa Honegg

Despite its luxurious and up-to-date decor, the Hotel Villa Honegg was built in 1905 and for many years was just a beautiful family-run hotel with traditional Swiss architecture.
However, it was with a private group that its history began to change, they bought it and wanted to turn it into a reference of luxury and glamor as it is today, I think it worked, didn't it?
After several years of work and investment, the Villa Honegg boutique hotel was born in 2011 in the village of Mount Bürgenstock in Ennetbürgen, overlooking the Alps and Lake Lucerne.

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo14 - Cris Pelo Mundo

O Villa Honegg

The hotel seems to have been designed and thought out like something out of a fairy tale, I felt like a real princess.

Right from the start, the staff do everything they can to serve us with a smile and a lot of affection. But the surprises don't end there, or rather, they start in the impressive entrance hall! A beautiful fireplace with comfortable sofas welcomes you, and tasteful furniture adorns the entire room.

"I can't believe it! You know those hotels that you see in magazines and advertisements and you just think: one day I'm going to visit them? That day has come! It may sound silly, but for me to dive into this pool is a dream."

Villa Honegg is one of those hotels that is an attraction in itself and deserves to be enjoyed. I have to confess that even I, who can't stand sitting still, set aside a whole day to enjoy every bit of the hotel.
There's so much to do that the day flies by, not to mention that I wanted to enjoy the pool at sunrise, in the afternoon and at night too! Plus, of course, the cinema, restaurant, gym, or even just sitting and enjoying the beautiful view outside.


The spa area is incredible, with fully equipped bathrooms, a sauna and two swimming pools.
The place is so cozy that you can relax to the point of sleeping on one of its sun loungers.

If you feel hungry or thirsty, you don't even have to leave! You can replenish your energy with fruit, water, tea and biscuits available right there. There's really no reason to

Everything for our comfort

This is also where the massages take place. I didn't do it this time, I used all the time I had to spend in the infinity pool.

Infinity infinity pool

The pool is simply a dream, I couldn't believe it when I saw it in person. Facing the Alps and Lake Lucerne.

"Ah! Imagination runs wild here in this pool and the starry sky helps us dream even bigger, what will our next challenge be? What do I most want to achieve? Well, I don't know! For now, I think we just have to enjoy it!"

The pool is all aluminum, which makes a huge difference to the color of the water, especially at night when the lights put on a show! Something out of this world.

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo51 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Villa Honegg - The dream hotel! 12 - Cris Around the World

The pool is open both morning and night. Of course, I enjoyed it at all times, but I can't tell you which time is better, in the morning with the rays appearing and painting the sky, or at night with the silence, facing the view of the city lit up in the background and the sound of the water massaging our bodies in the different areas of the pool.

All I know is that the most magical thing was being able to touch the snow while being warm and comfortable in the very pleasant water. I didn't feel the slightest bit cold, the entrance to the pool is indoor, so we didn't feel the chill of the negative temperatures outside, and when we went out into the open part.

Everything is designed to be more than pleasant

It's no wonder that this pool features on most lists of the best swimming pools in the world.

Yes, she's incredible and yes, she deserves that title! And I understand swimming pools, you know?
The care of the pool is impeccable, very clean, translucent and without any smell of chemicals.
The water is just the right temperature (34 degrees) to make you feel comfortable and not cold at all, even if it's snowing outside.

I even took a photo outside in sub-zero temperatures. What an incredible feeling! Few things in the world have left me feeling like this, literally on top of the world, and this was one of them.

Day Use

I want to go to this pool, but I don't want to stay at the hotel, can I make this dream come true? Yes!!!

The good thing about Villa Honegg is that it offers a four-hour Day Use and you can access the pools!
This fee also includes a bathroom, bathrobes, slippers, towels, fruit, water and tea.
The last time I saw the prices for this day use was in March 2019 and the 4-hour period per person costs 90 CHF from Monday to Friday afternoon and from Friday evening to Sunday 120 CHF.

A Online booking is required and the day pass includes both pools, saunas and a weight room.

Treats and more treats

Hotel Villa Honegg is always thinking about how to pamper its guests! And if you think that going in the cold is a problem, forget it.
In addition to the pool being the perfect temperature, with an impeccable view of the snow, the hotel goes above and beyond and thinks of us on other occasions too.

The hotel provides its guests with warm, fluffy snow coats to make the most of the outdoor areas and all the beautiful scenery, as well as blankets on the garden chairs at all times.

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo29 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Villa Honegg - The dream hotel! 13 - Cris Around the World

This way You can enjoy your meals inside the restaurant or with the restaurant or with the beautiful view outside.

Ahh, another thing that caught my eye was that breakfast is actually brunch and can be enjoyed until 2pm.


There are 23 rooms in the hotel's mansion, divided into various categories, plus some suites in the annex building.

As I entered my chic room at the Hotel Villa Honegg, I was stunned. The mix of classic and modern styles created a unique and elegant vibe. The curtains opened, revealing an incredible view of the lake. The decor, full of chic details, made me feel like I was in a real paradise. The room was spacious, with elegant furniture and a comfortable sitting area. The bathroom, all in marble, was the ultimate luxury, with a whirlpool bath perfect for relaxing. Every moment there was a unique experience and the connection with the surrounding nature was surreal. Hotel Villa Honegg definitely met and exceeded all my expectations of a luxurious retreat.

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo19 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Villa Honegg - The dream hotel! 14 - Cris Around the World

The bathroom was simply stunning. Covered in impeccable marble, it exuded a sense of luxury and sophistication. The centerpiece of the bathroom was undoubtedly the whirlpool bath, inviting indulgent moments of relaxation. Next to it, a spacious shower with a modern design offered an invigorating bathing experience. The elegant sinks, adorned with gold details, added a touch of glamor to the ambience. Fluffy towels and soft bathrobes were laid out impeccably, providing additional comfort. Soft lighting further highlighted the beauty of the details and created a welcoming atmosphere. Every element of the bathroom at Hotel Villa Honegg was carefully thought out to provide not only functionality, but also an aesthetic experience that took the concept of indulgence to a new level.

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo34 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Villa Honegg - The dream hotel! 15 - Cris Around the World


I love hotels that offer a thousand and one entertainment options, especially for those traveling with children. We moms know that sometimes the little ones' energy doesn't run out and the weather doesn't always help either.

So I thought the cinema option was PERFECT for those traveling with children, and when I say cinema, I mean cinema! At the beginning of this video you can see what I'm talking about.

It's a 20-seat room with movie seats and a big screen for us to enjoy with popcorn and everything. We loved it, watched a movie as a family and ended the day with a lot of fun.


The restaurant has a beautiful atmosphere and its huge fireplace makes the evening even more pleasant.
But if it's a beautiful day outside, no problem. The restaurant room is connected to the terrace, which is at a height of 914 m with the Alps and Lake Lucerne in the background.

The restaurant, as well as being beautiful, is award-winning and has a cuisine that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Its exquisite dishes have earned it 14 Gault-Millau points.
One of the reasons it's so special is that its products are fresh and sourced from local suppliers. However, the biggest secret lies in the seasoning, which is taken from the hotel's own garden. Everything is very fresh and wonderful.

Our dishes

We sat down and were overwhelmed by so many delicious options, we decided to dine at Villa Honegg the day we arrived.

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo40 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Villa Honegg - The dream hotel! 16 - Cris Around the World

Igor chose a Caesar Salad as a starter and I didn't hold back and started with the best starter of my life: Norwegian salmon rolled in a type of cream cheese.

For the main course, Igor chose a tender and juicy Angus steak and I once again went for the fish. My dish was delicious, but I have to confess that Igor's was VERY tasty.

And for dessert, how about homemade Toblerone ice cream? A real treat from the gods, how delicious!!!!

Kids Menu

One thing that impressed me was that our table was ready and a drawing kit, stickers and crayons were waiting for us. We couldn't have been better served and Emmanuel was very happy.
It's so nice when we're welcomed, isn't it?

Villa Honegg Cris Pelo Mundo48 - Cris Pelo Mundo
Villa Honegg - The dream hotel! 17 - Cris Around the World

Everyone settled in and we ordered a plate of homemade nuggets with vegetables and potatoes for the little one. Everything was very well prepared, dry and very tasty! It was a perfect way to end the evening.

Breakfast breakfast

Anyone who follows me knows that apart from hotel swimming pools, I'm crazy about breakfasts. It's where I taste the local flavors, feel at home and feel pampered.

I love it, especially when breakfast lasts until 2 p.m.! That way you can sleep in later, or do as I did: I woke up very early, had a coffee in the machine in the room, went to watch the sunrise by the pool and much later we went to breakfast.

The little one ate fruit from the pool area, so we ended up getting lost in time and going to breakfast only after midday.
I think it was the late breakfast I've ever had, and one of the most complete too!

Orders are taken a la carte, and although a tower of cold cuts comes, the meal goes far beyond that.
Be sure to try the chocolate crepe or the omelettes with your favorite ingredients!

I loved every little thing I tried! The great thing is that breakfast doesn't have to be in the restaurant. You can order it in your room, on the terrace, etc. This is great for getting to know and appreciate all the hotel has to offer.

O Hotel Villa Honegg with children, is it worth it?

Is such a romantic and luxurious hotel really worth going to with children? YES! They are completely prepared to welcome the little ones, Emmanuel had A LOT of fun.
There are bathrobes for the little ones, a drawing kit in the restaurant, a movie theater, a swimming pool and lots of affection.

What more do we need? I really enjoyed our stay with the children at Villa Honegg and I'm already looking forward to returning for other seasons.

I was impressed to see how the staff went out of their way to make sure we were always well looked after.

Another thing that struck me was the number of nationalities working at the hotel.
We were warmly welcomed at breakfast with a loud good morning in Portuguese from the lovely and friendly Sonia, a beautiful Portuguese woman who made our meal happier with her smiles and extreme affection.

Always a sweetheart, giving Emmanuel lots of attention, without words for the treatment we had at the hotel and everything we experienced during the days we were there.


Hotel Villa Honegg is located at the top of Mount Bürgenstock in Ennetbürgen, just 30 minutes from Lucerne.

How to get to Villa Honegg


The nearest station is Stans, from where you need to take a bus to Ennetbürgen and then transfer to the hotel.

That's exactly what we did and as we had already spoken to the hotel about our arrival, the hotel car was waiting for us as soon as we arrived in Ennetbürgen.

This transfer is included in the rate, but only for check-in and check-out. If you want to leave the hotel on other days to go sightseeing, you should book a taxi at reception.


Average average driving times:

The hotel offers guests 23 outdoor spaces and 14 covered spaces.


Normally, if you're arriving from Brazil, the airport you'll land at is Zurich, as it's the airport where flights from Brazil arrive.

If you are arriving from Portugal or another part of Europe, the airport should be EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, which is the nearest airport that usually receives flights from Europe at the best prices.

This was our first option, since we live in Portugal and the prices were attractive. However, we decided to start our train journey in Paris and enjoy the Swiss countryside all the way to Stans.

Choosing the right transport, pros and cons


Pro →

  • More freedom to enjoy Switzerland's beautiful landscapes.

  • If you're doing a lot of walking, it's worth it to get up and down the hill from the hotel, as there's no public transport and cabs are expensive.


  • Tolls are very expensive.

Public public/train

Pro →

  • I'm not surprised by the tolls.
  • You can rest on the way.
  • Passports with unlimited use, such as the Swiss Travel Passcan be a good option if you want to visit more than one destination in Switzerland.

Against →

  • There is no public transport to get to the hotel.

In my opinion, if you're going to enjoy the hotel, it's not worth renting a car, as the tolls are expensive and the car will be at a standstill most of the time.
However, if you're leaving the hotel for more than a couple of days, renting can be worthwhile. We paid 70 francs to go back and forth from the hotel to the nearest station just once.
Check-in and check-out fees are included in the daily rate.

Cris pelo Mundo was supported on his trip by Villa Honegg, but this post is true to my impressions.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and enjoy all our trips in real time! On our YouTube there are also lots of cool tips and trips. And of course, we'll always have news here, so stay tuned to Cris around the world

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