What to do at night in Búzios.

Badalos de Búzios.

Everyone knows that Búzios is a very chic city, with very beautiful people and a lot of hype! I went, tasted, enjoyed and approved!
I wanted to try everything, so I started with the after-beach party at the Silk Beach Club!
What a tasteful place, all very well decorated, with a swimming pool, DJ, dance floor and a place to relax in front of the sea, with a very cozy structure. You know that place that has everything for everyone? That's right, it's there!
I arrived to good music and a lively atmosphere, it was still early and the weather didn't help much, it was raining, but I still got a feel for the place and I was dying to dive into that beautiful pool!

The place I liked best was the padded sun loungers facing the sea, what a view, what a place! I stayed there for a while and then I had to leave, it was time to get ready to enjoy the Búzios nightlife.
I got ready and set off for Rua das Pedras, a must-see for anyone who goes to Búzios!
It's the trendiest place there, beautiful and full of bars and restaurants to die for!
We chose Chez Michou because it's impossible to go there and not remember this place.

The most famous crepe place in Brazil! Many people visit the city just to go there, delicious crepes, delicious drinks and an atmosphere that goes without saying! If you go to Búzios, this is a place you really must visit!
Walking along the streets and enjoying a bit of Orla Bardot is also a great option and, for the more lively, there's Privilège, which is obviously where my night ended. A large nightclub with breathtaking performances. You know those nights that are worthwhile and remind you of the atmosphere of European nightlife? Exactly, a great place to dance, flirt and enjoy.

Lively and beautiful people. The place usually starts to fill up after midnight, so take the opportunity to wander around Rua das Pedras and enjoy your warm-up in the many options that Búzios nightlife has to offer, from the simplest bars to the most exquisite restaurants.
I really enjoyed the evening there, didn't you? Anything to comment on?

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