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The city that won us over in winter and kept us coming back in summer

One is not enough, two is good and three I really want!!! We visited Croatia in winter and knew right away that we wanted to go back. And two years later, we're back in summer! This city has so much to see and enjoy that I'm going to tell you all about what to do in Zagreb. Here's the full itinerary for Croatia's capital!

Zagreb is a delight!

We fell in love with the city, really! Zagreb is beautiful, both in winter and summer.

Walking through Zagreb's neighborhoods, seeing the monuments and visiting the art galleries, we discovered all the charm of the city. Sitting in a café in the streets or parks, chatting to people, letting time pass slowly and falling in love with Zagreb, these are our top tips!

It's impossible not to fall in love with Zagreb! Walking through the streets, enjoying the parks, seeing the red roofs of the upper town while the lower town spreads out at your feet! Discovering that they still light the lamps manually and coming across a decorated rooftop! Every little corner, every smell and taste makes a trip to Croatia's capital even more special.

Now let's talk about what not to miss on your visit to Zagreb, shall we?

1 - St. Mark's Square and Church (upper town)

No place mixes past, present and future like St. Mark's Square. Although it's not large, this square is full of important buildings, but just two of them are enough to make it the most famous spot in Zagreb.

St. Mark's Church, the postcard of the square, was built in the 13th century. The multicolored roof displays the coats of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia, as well as the coat of arms of the city of Zagreb. It is said that Matija Gubec, the leader of the peasant rebellion, was executed in the square. St. Mark's Square is a place full of emotion, legends, traditions and reality. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of history...

In the Banski dvori Palace, on the west side of the square, the Croatian viceroys ("ban") used to rule, while on the east side is the Parliament. This is where decisions about the country's present and future are made. It is an intense encounter between legends, reality, historic buildings and modern institutions, symbols of the past and promises for the future. That's why this square appears in so many photos and if you search for Zagreb on the internet, you're sure to find several images of the roofs of St. Mark's Church.

The church has undergone many restorations over time and you can see some "architectural mosaics" there. But the most striking architectural intervention took place between 1876 and 1882, when the roof was changed to what it is today, as photographed!

2 -Lotrščak Tower

The Lotrščak Tower! This is one of the coolest attractions in Zagreb. This medieval tower is right in the heart of the city, near St. Mark's Square. Do you know what's most amazing? Every day at noon sharp, a cannon is fired from the top of the tower. It's an event that draws the attention of tourists and locals alike. It is said that this tradition began in the 19th century to mark midday for the city's inhabitants.

Things to do in Zagreb - Complete guide 10 - Cris Pelo Mundo

The view from the top is simply spectacular! You can see the orange roofs of the Upper Town and even Zagreb Cathedral in the distance. It's a perfect place to take amazing photos and enjoy the historic atmosphere of the city. Be sure to visit the Lotrščak Tower when you're in Zagreb!

3 - Zagreb funicular

Zagreb's Funicular is one of the coolest attractions in the city! Do you know those steep and tiring stairs that nobody wants to climb? Well, the funicular came to the rescue! It's a small train that goes up and down the hill, connecting the Lower Town to the Upper Town. It's super fast and practical, in less than a minute you're up there, ready to explore all the wonders the Upper Town has to offer.

But it's not just its functionality that makes the funicular special. It is also the oldest funicular in the world that is still in continuous operation! It was built in 1890 and has been a beloved means of transportation for Zagreb's residents and visitors ever since.

When you board the funicular, you'll feel an enchanting sense of nostalgia. The carriages are small and cozy, and the view on the way up is simply breathtaking. You can see the colorful rooftops, the old churches and even Zagreb Cathedral in the distance. It's a unique experience well worth having!

So if you're in Zagreb, don't miss a ride on the famous funicular. As well as being a practical way of getting around, it's an opportunity to experience a little of the city's history and charm. I'm sure you'll love it!

4 - Ferradura de Lenuci / Ferradura Verde (lower town)

The Green Horseshoe is a huge complex of interconnected squares and parks in the middle of Zagreb. There are seven squares in all, plus a botanical garden. It's an incredible green corridor that resembles the shape of a horseshoe, hence the name. The place is full of emblematic architecture that invites you to stop, contemplate and relax on the benches scattered along the way; we spent a long time sitting and contemplating these beauties.

Things to do in Zagreb - Complete guide 11 - Cris Pelo Mundo

From the central square, Ban Josip Jelačić Square, begins a series of squares and parks known as "Lenuci's Horseshoe", named after the architect and urban planner responsible for creating it. The city center is also home to the General Railway Station, the Botanical Garden, Marulić Square and Marshal Tito Square. Strolling through these flowery parks is a pleasure for those seeking relaxation, as well as being a treasure trove for art lovers, with its monuments, galleries and museums.

In the city center is Zrinjevac Park, one of the most romantic places in Zagreb. It's a green and flowery promenade that attracts art lovers. The beauty of the flowers and fountains is enchanting, and the weather pillar stands out, attracting the curiosity of visitors. Few cities have such a close connection between streets and parks as Zagreb. Zrinjevac Park, dedicated to the Croatian ban Nikola Šubić Zrinski, is the first of eight parks in Zagreb. In addition to its historical importance, the park houses art galleries, museums and busts of historical figures.

The place is also known for hosting open-air concerts, providing musical moments and the fusion of centuries. Zrinjevac is a unique place, full of past stories, romance and joy.

Shall we talk about Zagreb's squares?

5 - King Tomislav Square and Starčević Square

If you usually associate the image of a railway station with a gloomy place, it's time to change your mind, especially when it comes to Zagreb. Here, two squares - Starčević Square and King Tomislav Square - frame a beautiful park filled with flowers and a lovely fountain.

The construction of the General Railway Station has witnessed countless lives, arrivals and departures. Have you ever thought about how many people have passed through this station since it was built at the end of the 19th century? How many lives have been transformed by the trains that leave from there? For many visitors, this building represents their first contact with the city. The monument to King Tomislav, the first monarch of medieval Croatia, is an iconic image of Zagreb. On the other side of the square is the Exhibition Pavilion. Between the station and the pavilion, there is a park full of flowers and an inviting bench to rest on.

Things to do in Zagreb - Complete guide 12 - Cris Pelo Mundo

But it doesn't stop there! In nearby Starčević Square, named after a Croatian politician and writer, you'll once again find the familiar setting of a flowery park and a charming fountain, and you'll see the building that is a symbol of Zagreb's hotel industry: the renowned Hotel Esplanade, where we had the honor of staying, but I'll talk about that later.

Another eye-catching building is the Pavilion of the Arts, built in 1898. Imposing and beautiful, it contrasts with the lush greenery and flowers around it. During the Christmas period, it's even more special, with an incredible ice-skating rink right in front of it, providing an enchanting sight of white snow.

I love Christmas and I can't wait to go back at this time of year, especially as the place is filled with festive decorations and the air is filled with Christmas music. A special highlight is the ice-skating rink, where locals and visitors can glide and have fun in a festive and cheerful atmosphere. It's a real invitation to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the beauty of the square in a unique way.

6 - Zrinski Square

We continued walking and felt the pleasant atmosphere of Zagreb. We watched the people happily enjoying the sunshine and realized that, unlike in winter, the city takes on a new life in summer. And when we least expected it, we arrived at Zrinski Square, also full of flowers, decorations and a charming bandstand, where we were lucky enough to witness a children's play. The city really transforms itself at this time of year and it's easy to find activities on the bandstand during the summer.

At the other end of Zrinski Square is the Meteorological Clock. This column was built in 1884 and as well as telling the time, it displays the temperature, pressure and humidity of the air. Every Monday, its mechanism is adjusted manually and the ribbons that indicate the atmospheric data are replaced.

7 - Ban Jelačić Square.

Ah, Ban Jelačić Square, the beating heart of Zagreb! This square has a special significance for the city, it's like a meeting place for everyone. Did you know that it was named after a Croatian national hero? They say that Ban Jelačić was a courageous leader who fought for Croatian independence. And this square is like a tribute to him.

But it's not just the history that enchants here. One of the most striking things is the beautiful fountain located right in the center of the square. It is imposing, with its sculptures and water gushing everywhere. It is said that drinking from this fountain brings good luck. So it's common to see people approaching and throwing in a few coins, making their secret requests.

It's amazing how busy and full of life Ban Jelačić Square is. There's always something going on there, whether it's a festival, a musical performance or simply people getting together to chat and enjoy the day. It's a place where everyone feels welcome and part of this incredible city called Zagreb.

Since we're so close to our next stop, let's go! Let's visit the imposing Zagreb Cathedral, one of the city's most iconic landmarks. Zagreb Cathedral is simply stunning, with its majestic architecture and incredible details.

8 - Zagreb Cathedral

Things to do in Zagreb - Complete guide 13 - Cris Pelo Mundo

Kaptol Square is simply amazing, with the imposing Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary in the center. It's a 13th century Gothic cathedral that has undergone several renovations over time. It's breathtaking, full of stunning details. It's worth going inside and appreciating every bit of this special place.

And I can't fail to mention the wonderful fountain in front of the cathedral. It's a neo-Gothic fountain with a central column. At the top is the image of Our Lady and around it we can see four gold-plated statues of angels, representing the four virtues of Christianity: faith, devotion, innocence and humility. It really is enchanting!

If you're out and about, be sure to visit Kaptol Square and marvel at the grandeur of the cathedral and the beauty of the fountain. It's a real Zagreb treasure!

From the cathedral, we went to Dolac, an open-air municipal market. It's known as the famous red umbrella market, because they're all that color. Here, producers sell their products directly to consumers, without intermediaries. The products are fresh and of excellent quality. The market dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.

9 - Zagreb Municipal Market or Dolac

Ah, the Zagreb City Market! I love smelling the smells and tastes of each place, and the city markets are the best place for that.

It's an incredible place to visit and explore. It's a true paradise for lovers of food and fresh produce. Located in the heart of the city, the market is a lively and colorful meeting place.

As you enter the market, you'll be greeted by the delicious aroma of fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs. Local farmers bring their produce directly from the farms, guaranteeing the quality and authentic taste of each item. It's a feast for the senses!

You'll also find a variety of artisan products, such as cheeses, breads, honey and homemade jams. It's the perfect place to buy fresh ingredients to prepare a delicious meal or even find unique gifts to take home.

An interesting fact is that the market has existed since the 19th century and is part of Zagreb's tradition and culture. It is a meeting place for locals, who come together to socialize, shop and enjoy good food.

During Christmas, the market takes on a special charm. A Christmas market is set up with stalls full of decorations, typical food and festive gifts. It's a magical time to visit the market and immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere.

So, if you really want to know what to do in Zagreb and what not to miss on your visit, take note of this tip and be sure to stop by the Municipal Market. You'll certainly be captivated by the variety of fresh products, the welcoming atmosphere and the vibrant energy of the place. It's an experience not to be missed!

10 - Croatian National Theatre

If you love architecture and the symbols of each city, this is for you! Be sure to include this visit in your itinerary!


The Croatian National Theater, with its beautiful neo-baroque architecture, is the symbol of Marshal Tito Square. Majestic and beautiful, the yellow of its walls contrasts with the surroundings!

Things to do in Zagreb - Complete guide 14 - Cris Pelo Mundo

And if you're also an art lover, don't miss a show at the theater! In 1895, Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph gave the signal with a hammer: "Let the show begin!" And since then, it has never stopped. To this day, a multitude of actors, singers and dancers perform, sharing stories and thrilling audiences!

In front of the theater is the monument of the Well of Life, a work by the sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, which is very well known in Zagreb. Even if you're not going to see a play at the theater, it's worth a visit to appreciate this beautiful sculpture!

I suggest you visit at dusk, when life begins to change, dreams mingle with reality and the lighting gives the place a new lease of life. The atmosphere is incredible!

Enjoy this unique experience and immerse yourself in the magic of the Croatian National Theater.

11 - Nikola Tesla Technical Museum Zagreb

We went, we saw and we felt all that energy there, and when I say "felt", I mean it! The energy ran through our bodies during one of the performances. We were amazed by the talent and passion of the artists who involved us in their show. It was a unique and exciting experience, something that will really remain in our memories. It's incredible how art can touch us so deeply and connect us with something greater. These magical moments at the Zagreb Technical Museum are definitely worth experiencing.


The Zagreb Technical Museum, an incredible place for science and technology lovers! There you'll find a real journey through technological advances over the years. And I can't fail to mention the iconic figure of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors and scientists of all time.

At the museum, you can learn about Tesla's revolutionary inventions, such as the alternating current, which transformed the way electricity is transmitted and used. It's fascinating to see how his ideas and discoveries have shaped the world we live in today.

The museum also houses an incredible collection of scientific machines, equipment and devices. You'll be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity behind these inventions.

So, if you're curious and interested in science and technology, or if you're traveling with children, be sure to visit the Zagreb Technical Museum. I'm sure you'll leave with a head full of knowledge and inspiration to explore this fascinating world of technology even further.

Flavors of Zagreb, its delicious cuisine

Things to do in Zagreb - Complete guide 15 - Cris Pelo Mundo

The food in Zagreb is simply delicious! During my stay in the city, I had the opportunity to try several typical foods and I'll tell you, I fell in love!

One of Zagreb's most famous delicacies is "Zagreb štrukli", a traditional dish made with puff pastry filled with fresh cheese and baked in the oven. It's simply divine! The combination of creamy cheese and crunchy pastry is mouth-watering. Don't miss out!

Another delicacy that shouldn't go unnoticed is "Zagrebački odrezak". This dish consists of a pork steak stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded and fried. It's an explosion of flavors! The contrast between the juicy meat, the smoked ham and the melted cheese is mouth-watering.

In addition to these delights, there is a wide variety of restaurants in Zagreb, we went to Vinodol and loved it!!!

If you're a lover of good food, be sure to explore the gastronomy in Zagreb. I'm sure you'll find delicious dishes that will win you over. Enjoy your meal!

Accommodation in Zagreb

The Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb, what an incredible place to stay! I was lucky enough to spend a few days there and I can tell you what a wonderful experience it was. The hotel has a classic charm, with a beautiful façade and elegant decor inside. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with all the amenities you need to feel at home. What's more, the hotel staff are extremely attentive and helpful, always ready to help with anything you need.

Things to do in Zagreb - Complete guide 16 - Cris Pelo Mundo

The location is simply perfect, right in the center of Zagreb, close to all the main attractions. I would definitely recommend Hotel Esplanada to anyone planning a trip to Zagreb!

Oh, and don't worry, I'll write a separate article just about staying at the Hotel Esplanada. I'll tell you all the details and curiosities of this enchanting place. Stay tuned!

Zagreb will leave an everlasting impression on you

Enjoy every moment in Zagreb, discover its wonders, be enchanted by its architecture, taste its gastronomy, immerse yourself in its vibrant culture and let yourself be enveloped by the warm spirit of this city. Zagreb will always be here, waiting for your next visit.
Morning or evening, in Zagreb's squares or in the silence of the Upper Town, you will realize that you have a special connection with this city. It's as if there's a special chemistry that happens in memorable encounters, which will stay with you forever!

From now on, Zagreb will be part of you. Even if you pack your bags and get ready to leave, know that it will never be a final goodbye, because there are people, cities and places to which, instead of saying "goodbye", we say "see you next time".

Marzito Travel

Marzito Travel, led by Marilia, was the agency that accompanied us on this incredible trip. As well as offering on-site guide services, Marilia also provided us with a tailor-made e-guide! With her knowledge, she took us to discover the charms of Zagreb in a unique way. It was an unforgettable experience with Marzito Travel and I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore the city in a special way! What's more, click here and visit her website to find out even more about Zagreb

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