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Tuga's codfish

where to eat in Arraial do Cabo Bacalhau do Tuga Cris Stilben Cris around the World (2)
where to eat in Arraial do Cabo Bacalhau do Tuga Cris Stilben Cris around the World (4)
where to eat in Arraial do Cabo Bacalhau do Tuga Cris Stilben Cris around the World (6)
where to eat in Arraial do Cabo Bacalhau do Tuga Cris Stilben Cris around the World (7)
where to eat in Arraial do Cabo Bacalhau do Tuga Cris Stilben Cris around the World (1)
where to eat in Arraial do Cabo Bacalhau do Tuga Cris Stilben Cris around the World (8)

I was happily surprised by a shy restaurant located on Praia dos Anjos, near the port where we take the boats for the tours. With a small hidden door and large colonial-style windows, I immediately felt the difference when I was greeted by one of the friendliest people I've ever met, Bianca, who runs the very special service together with José, who makes a point of taking part and giving a special spice to every dish that comes out of the kitchen, the famous porTUGA, which gave rise to the establishment's name. Together, they do a wonderful job, he preparing delicious delicacies, which by the way I can say with certainty is one of the best delicacies I've tasted in the whole world, with unparalleled seasoning, and she welcoming customers as if they were long-time friends, the most loyal to the house, always by name, a unique service!

There's no need to sell your fish, they're friendly and in fact offer the best of the house, when they think a certain item on the menu isn't that good, they suggest the best of the house, the freshest fish of the day, and explain their dishes in detail, customer satisfaction is definitely the difference, which ends up transforming the palate into something incredible.
Bacalhau do Tuga ended up gaining international fame with a place in the Top Choice of the world's best-known guide, Lonely Planet. How can tourists who come from far away know this place so well and I, who frequent Arraial, not have known it before? That's why I'm making a point of telling you everything I saw there, tim by tim.
They have a vast menu, not just cod! We tried a lot of things and even went back again. While we were in town, we made a point of dining there every day.
As a starter, we had a portion of shredded turbot bathed in a sensational sauce! With pieces of bread, is that all you can eat? I loved it, but if the starter was so good, what was to come? The main course was fish with bananas, I confess I don't really like a mixture of sweet and salty for food, but who said I didn't love it?

There was also a coconut farofa and a very tasty pirão, which I repeated a few times! The dish is very filling and at that point my stomach was already begging for help, but my taste buds couldn't say no!
Once we had finished our dishes, we were invited by Bianca and José to the back yard, where an open-air space with a very cozy design was still under construction. With a beautiful tree, wooden furniture and live music, it would be the most pleasant place to stay, a great place to enjoy a relaxing evening after a day full of sun and sea.

Before we left, we were treated to a typical dessert, Baba de Camelo, what is that? A very tasty sweet based on dulce de leche with lemon zest, can you take it home? I want more and more, but I've eaten so much that I'm very satisfied! How do you make it?

Of course, I had to return the next day to conclude my saga of wonderful tastes and curiosity about the much-talked-about SEAFRUIT FEIJOADA, hello? Does that go together?
I'm going to talk about the starters and the dishes I tasted first to get you curious, lol.
As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by codfish cakes - after all, the raw material of the place couldn't be missing. But I didn't want to stuff myself because it was the day to try two main courses! Would we make it? Everything is so plentiful there!
The choice was ribs and feijoada. The reaction was immediate, as soon as the plates arrived we looked at each other and were sure we wouldn't be able to eat it all! We were sure there would be a lunchbox for home.
I started with the seafood feijoada, after all, my curiosity about this delicacy was piqued! At least the name sounded like a strange mixture, but when I put it in my mouth, my opinion changed immediately!

It was good, tasty, how could it be? Really good! I liked it! Then I went to try the ribs, I like meat a lot and since it's more of a seafood restaurant, I was also curious about what it would be like and without a doubt I was surprised once again! It's the best rib I've ever had in my life! What's with the seasoning? Tell me your secret, it's not possible that there could be something as tender and delicious as this and I was naïve enough to think that the ribs from another place that I'm also a fan of were wonderful, but after this experience, they were a step down from the ribs from Bacalhau do Tuga!

I went back and forth between one dish and another and before I knew it we had devoured both dishes! God, we're ogres, there was so much, how could there be? And with spices like that, who can resist?
You must be curious about the codfish, right? I'll leave it for later, a great excuse to go back to my new favorite restaurant for Portuguese food, or seafood, or ribs...
I left with a desire for MUCH more and I'm sure I'll become a fan of work as good as this, I'm already looking forward to taking my baby as soon as I can travel!
What about you? Have you been there? Tasted anything I haven't eaten yet? I want to know everything.

Phone numbers : (22) 2622-1108 and (22) 9209-2525
E-mail: bacalhaudotuga@gmail.com
Address : Praia dos Anjos- Arraial do Cabo - Rio de Janeiro

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