Where to stay in Arraial do Cabo

Pousada da Prainha

Have you been to the Brazilian Caribbean? No?? It's just over there, in the Lakes Region of Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in the city of Arraial do Cabo! It's almost impossible not to fall in love with its crystal-clear waters that play with the most varied shades of blue and green, no wonder it's considered one of the best diving spots in the country.
It was in this paradise that I enjoyed my last pregnancy trip! After all, who said that pregnant women don't travel? It's very pleasant, great for enjoying the end of your pregnancy and there's no better place to prepare a beautiful belly book!

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We were invited by Pousada da Prainha, which is very close to Praia da Prainha, one of the region's paradises, with good facilities and only a 5-minute walk from the pousada.
The pousada offers a structure equivalent to the best hotels in the region and was closed for a year and a half for renovations. With cozy rooms and meticulously decorated, care is seen in every corner and detail, even in what can't be seen by the guest, since the renovation project also included sustainability measures, such as rainwater harvesting, which made me love the place even more! After all, if we don't take care of our world, who will?

Right from the start, we were charmed. Next to the reception desk, there are beautiful armchairs with a television and magazines for those who want to relax.

I loved the idea of the extremely tasteful decoration, everything is reminiscent of the sea, which doesn't let you forget that the sea is just around the corner.
The rooms embrace the pool, which is in the center of the structure, with cushions to enjoy some sun and wash off the salt from the beach, perfect for ending the day's water activities or even a moonlit bath, as I was lucky and it was the night of the full moon, so I could contemplate the special illumination provided by the moon. So far I haven't decided whether it's better during the day, with the sun shining and the water refreshing, or at night, with the beautiful moonlight.

The accommodation is clean, with ultra-quiet air conditioning, a LED TV and a minibar. In the room I stayed in, there was a bench with a chair that helped when I was using my laptop, but I confess that the place where I stayed the least was there - after all, I was in paradise! The bathrooms are large, with white towels, but bring your own shampoo, the hostel doesn't offer it!

One thing I found interesting in both the bedroom and the bathroom was that there was a wide range of sockets, but all in the new Brazilian format, so if your socket pins are the old ones, it's a good idea to bring an adapter!
Last but not least, because everyone here knows that I LOVE to eat! Breakfast includes eggs, sausage, bread, cold cuts, soft drinks, yogurt, fruit and so much! But the highlight really goes to the cakes! Wow, every day I stayed there were at least two different cakes that were wonderful, made right there, I really enjoyed them and kicked the bucket, I repeated them a thousand times.

The pousada also offers a separate kitchen service, so if you get hungry at lunch or dinner and are too lazy to go out, you can just order there.
I loved my stay and can't wait to take my little one! There are tailor-made rooms for families, with excellent facilities.

Useful information:
Pousda da Prainha, Rua D number 90, Prainha - Arraial do Cabo
Free private parking.

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