Ah... Salvador? Come on, let's go...

flight to salvador bahia

The day had finally come, but everyone spoke so badly of the place that I really wasn't excited...
I packed my suitcase the same day, I had already sorted almost everything the day before... but it was only ready the day I boarded.
I left everything ready and went to work, the curiosity of the new city, which I was very close to getting to know... was starting to hit me... I was scratching at my brain and the fear of the place being everything I'd been told... too... Oo
Until then... all I knew was that Salvador stank of pee, was full of hustlers and you could only walk around in your clothes! If you didn't, they'd take everything away, not to mention the reputation of the Bahians... that they were scoundrels and wanted to take advantage of everything...
I was pretty scared... but deep down I hoped I'd like the place... since there's no such thing as a bad place.... NEVER anywhere in the world... there's always something to enjoy =D
The hours flew by... and Laísa went to meet me at the gym, from there we would go home together and leave for the airport... so we wouldn't run the risk of Laísa missing her flight again hauhauhauhauahuahuahauha
We left the gym at 7pm, Dad drove us! When I got home, I took off my uniform, put on a blouse and pants and off we went!!! The flight left from Galeão and I was afraid of paying for transit!!! A lot of people warned me that it was hell getting there at that time...
So off we went... and guess what!!!! We arrived in THIRTY minutes Oo, or even less! There was no traffic at all!!!!!!
And to top it off... the flight that left at 11pm was actually at 11:53pm, we got screwed hauhauhauahuaha
We only arrived about FOUR hours before the plane left! Not much!
Laísa's mother (Denise) was already there with her friend (Márcia), they were also going with us to Salvador and had to leave early for Aero, because Laísa's father (Paulo) had to take the bags first... =p
Well, we had plenty of time, so I texted a friend who lives on the island and told him to come and see me =D
While we were eating he replied... saying that he was already arriving to stay there for a while while we waited for the flight =)
It was good, Guto took a friend, we all chatted and the time passed very quickly. Paulo (Laísa's father) had to leave before the plane left because he still had to work the next day and get everything ready to meet us in Salvador on Friday night.
OgAAORMK75Q4Yjj9GNSEqbaRYrV ZWyqUSopO0JjiNml6M k0W3OTQr4 6jcyzoqdoiV2ZlQYlULFYEzyalL5mRDPwAm1T1UCY PJlbgNufVk5rIWAbhdhWMwWD 1 - Crisis Around the WorldGuto and his friend stayed with us until we passed through the boarding gate... in the meantime we saw a LOT of strange people, we were on the terrace in the food section of the airport and there were more weird people than others... there was a girl so tattooed that Guto screamed in amazement when he saw her! I turned red and laughed on the spot lol, which earned us several hilarious comments.
P1150818 1 - Cris Pelo MundoThe visit from Guto and his friend had been good, but unfortunately the time had come, so we said goodbye and set off.
Boarding was quick, the flight was on time and when we got on the plane we slept a lot, we only woke up for the in-flight service and went back to sleep, after all everyone there had worked all day and it was already past midnight.... even with the change of daylight saving time to a land without daylight saving time, we got there at one in the morning, which would be two here... we ended up gaining an hour =D , but in two days daylight saving time would end in Rio tbm... so it was them for them, we only advanced that extra hour 😉
BAIANOOO soil at last! Ahh Bahia of all saints, don't let me down PLEASE!
However... everything was too good... to be true... apart from the 4 hour wait at the airport... lol which turned out to be good for the airline =)
OgAAAJa5nibn024OgZx0XmAIDmpHpigBFGPkrNmqRs6vfYAl7D4Pimw44yRNLviXAtP 9tEvv uEgEaIduoLLhVHscAm1T1UIufGEfWwRFhwtUu4zYsy4alohVN 1 - Crisis Around the WorldThe plane we were on was coming from Buenos Aires and so we landed in the international area of the airport, with access to Dutty Free =) Laísa kept looking at the store and I told her to go in and see the things, that we just couldn't buy them. Just as Laísa and I were leaving... a tough Bahian woman came up to Denise and Márcia, arrogantly asking for the boarding pass to see if it was international. Laísa, who was tired and sleepy, arrived with all her might... asking what the problem was!
Then she said that only outsiders could enter.
Laísa said that she should have been doing her job by seeing this beforehand or that someone had warned her at the door and that we were already leaving...
We left, picked up our bags and tried to find out how to get to the hostel, but we had forgotten to get the address hehehehe all we knew was that it was in Praia da Barra...
It was already early in the morning and the last bus there left at around 10:30 p.m., so there were only taxis...
It was for a fee... from Aero to Barra... it was 99 reais... we went out and found a taxi driver and made a deal for 80 reais... (it was 20 for each of us (: ) and luckily the guy knew how to get to Che Lagarto =) he was well known there =)
By golly he was very quick, in about 30 minutes we were at the hostel, the Aero was a bit far from the Hostel... as it was early in the morning... we couldn't see the city properly, but we passed a very limited place!!! The taxi driver told us that Psirico was rehearsing there. That at that time, before Carnival, there were lots of rehearsals but that they all cost around 80 reais... very expensive... that discouraged me from going to any of them =D , I don't like axe very much lol
We arrived at the hostel and everything was going relatively well... Of course, something had to go wrong... Two o'clock in the morning and very tired... equivalent to three in the morning in Rio... that made a difference...
So, our room? Look here, the reservation is for two people only in the collective room... HEY? PQP ... We made fun of them... that they'd said a lot of bad things about Salvador and needed to get rid of that concept... and that it was really bad so far... lol Confusions aside... a lot of talking and phone calls, Laísa very angry... eitaaaaa, and little by little solutions came up, a room was arranged for us.. we stayed in a private room with a double bed and they put in two more beds... the next day we'd sort everything out =) and we'd change rooms o/... we left our bags and went to see the place, everyone was already half asleep and the hostel was very quiet...
When we went to bed it was almost 4 a.m. there and about 5 a.m. here... we were up for almost 24 hours =D lol But the "next day" promised us many surprises...



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Guto =)
OgAAABuv7Gv6f6MWbCbyPbKPDmv and S1mzbokIJ78ZiCsvrORhzLTzl8IhZCFNQT0diEvFkzdST4LobDlEfFPkxnD1wAm1T1UJn7qp7xJF zNc3GBwGUkI64ilvJ 1 - Crisis Around the World
Waiting for the food lol
P1150811 1 - Cris Pelo Mundo
My bag also sits lol
OgAAAGrS 2htqr88BAql2fVLRF67AZvC4h2dFs93z1tXBm Mb9jt3JZl3GtJDd6hoRyulXgFga7PbDoyXllOd oq4Am1T1UDVlfEOZHhEjQzdIqN2KZ 0v7CvX 1 - Crisis Around the World
Getting ready to gorrr.....
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