Aracaju Municipal Market.

Immersion in the culture of Sergipe!

I am forever in love with municipal marketsThese places are the translation of local customs, tastes, smells, clothes, ways of doing things, all in one place. There's nothing better than starting a trip by getting to know the local culture and getting into the mood.
That's how I started my a trip that held surprises for us and incredible things, I hope to tell you all about it, every bit of it, and that you enjoy it as much as I did.
O Aracaju's municipal market is a little different from the others I've visited, there are three it's actually a huge complex with a square in between, I found the organization of the place incredible!
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Why three? The second complex, the Thales Ferrazcame in the 1940s with the growth of the capital, since the Antônio Franco Market Aracaju's market was no longer enough, so the Auxiliary Market had to be built. This is how August 26, 1949 the Thales Ferraz Market, joining the Antônio Franco Market. Later came the third, the Albano Franco Market, inaugurated on September 15, 2000.
First we went to Antonio Francowhere they sell parts of handicrafts, clothing, footwear and everything else you can imagine to take home as a knick-knack, I found it charming and was very tempted to buy a caipira

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that was on display in one of the stalls, but I stopped myself, but not too much and ended up buying one priquitinha for my son, look how handsome he turned out, a real northeasterner!
You don't know what a priquitinha is? You know those leather sandals? Yeah, in Aracaju they call it priquitinha, lol I thought it was great and the #bbbytheworld he enjoyed his too much, it was R$ 15,00 with a cash discount, I like the price!

We continued through the market and stopped at various stalls, I love souvenirs, I bought two pencilone with a Maria Bonita and another of Lampiãoboth had Aracaju written on the hat, lol They're little things, but I love them! They cost R$5,00 both of them.
I kept going and stopped at a stall with a lot of funny things, my God, I was even caught in a prankget there and ask for doll who only cares about pinga and then ask to do the breathalyzerI'm not going to tell you what happens! Have fun too and get your friends.

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I really enjoyed this part, I talked to Bald who works in the market 65 years ago selling handicrafts, decorative objects and kitchen utensils. He took part in all the renovations and improvements to the place and is a well of history. I also met cordel box by the poet João Firmino Cabral, where we can immerse ourselves in the culture of the Northeast, of the cordéis. Today his son is in charge.

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From there we passed flower corridorwhich connects us to the second market, the Thales Ferraswhere we can find food and any kind of animal and beliefs, with leaves and herbsgreat place to try typical local sweetsI don't need to tell you that I went off the deep end, right? I tasted pé de moleque,

MUNICIPAL MARKET OF ARACAJU crispelomundo crisstilben (12)

which is completely different from Rio, kind of salty, soft, wrapped in a banana leaf, the Wet kissel was my favorite, and badly married. lol Sweet or savory! There are so many options! Of course, I also tried and bought a lot of cashew nutswhich I love!

MUNICIPAL MARKET OF ARACAJU crispelomundo crisstilben (13)

I bought it at natural and da doce, hmmmm I tried it too cashew rapaduraand cheeses and various wonderful local products! I must have put on a couple of kilos there alone, and who said I wanted to leave? lol
The tour continued and we passed Hilton Lopes Squarewhere the famous Forró Cajueita São JoãoI want to meet you! By the way, has anyone ever been to the Northeast? I'm dying to go, it's a great reason to come back and see all the festivities that take place there. shows, quadrilhas, quentão and everything that goes with it, the place changes completely and it's packed!
We crossed the square and came face to face with the last building in the complex, the Albano Franco, giant full of fruits, peppers and everything that goes with it, very well organized and pretty, with a wonderful smell of fruit and a colorful display that fills the eyes. Well, the peppers I don't even have to say it, it has to be CABRA DA PESTE to prove it.

MUNICIPAL MARKET OF ARACAJU crispelomundo crisstilben (15)

The care taken with the decorated bottles is a treat that even those who don't like chili peppers will want to take with them just for decorating the houseand there are also the cachaçasone with a more creative name than the other. Not to mention that this is also where the refrigerated items, there's one crab there? According to the people of Sergipe, eating crab is a therapy! But if you don't have much practice and you're hungry, it's the other way around!
O North East has that and at first I could already feel the joy that hangs in the air, happy people, a light, peaceful and happy lifemy time here is certainly blessed and I'm going to bring back, as well as lots of souvenirs, wonderful memories for life and learning for the future. #bbbytheworld
Come and enjoy Aracaju with me!

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