Arriving in Porto Alegre!

Beira Rio Stadium Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul Colorado

Bah... on the soil of Rio Grande do Sul! Waiting for my backpack and sleeping bag to come out on the conveyor belt... eyes red with sleep... since my attempt to sleep had failed!!! I crossed the gate and my friend was already waiting for me... I was dizzy with sleep and it took me a few minutes to recognize him...
We left the airport and soon caught the bus to the train station! We were going to go to Redenção Park... but it was raining and so we decided to change our plans!
OgAAAGl2mFETqTEEMaRjytbZdSJR Gz2v8p45DzjuB6k7b2jwQuvoGdgJopPjlwuX0A VZRI7Ik5 l3o5FxGQhrZoEkAm1T1UGf1dffk4uBYm4YfEgF04BTCRcrU 1 - Crisis Around the WorldWe took the trainand we went to São Leopoldo (which is the last station lol, of course I was sleeping) !!! We left our things at home! After all, touring Porto Alegre in a backpack and sleeping bag wasn't such a good idea!!!
The trip hadn't done me any good... my body was starting to feel sore and my nose was running! And it was still cold and raining =(
OgAAJ4ct09LVb8B9ExIuli26dyk3we1uObZW8aT iuJunVUoWaa2 Q E4NgwYVzwlFLX F5dur17JFKP4SrmASRkUAm1T1UPah 9WaBurdV2DuR1HpJgKlJ3uf 2 - Crisis Around the WorldWhile my friend went to sort out some things for the weekend... buying meat for the barbecue and so on.... I took the opportunity to take a nap and try to replenish my energy, which was more than spent... not to mention the fact that my body was almost sick... with the little sleep, cold and rain =/
It was a quick thing... only about 40 minutes... but it was a great improvement!!! When he arrived, he told us to go and called his mother to join us...
She drove and we stopped at Barra Shopping, but at the one in Porto Alegre 😉 I had a yummy Yakissoba, but my throat was hurting =( and unfortunately I couldn't eat properly =/ DAMN! We left there and went to Beira Rio Stadium both my friend and his mother... are Inter sick =p partners and blah, blah, blah....
So we arrived with them, put the card in the parking lot turnstile and went in... lol... we parked the car and went to see where our meeting was with the guide who would take us around the stadium...
The lady gave us all the information and we decided to see the Inter Museum first =)

SDC10007 1 - Cris Around the World

SDC10046 1 - Cris Around the WorldThe place was really cool, full of objects from the team's history, statues and photos. I saw a very cool panel... it was very big and "divided" into three... where each angle you looked at it... you would see something different... it was the stadium at the beginning, under construction and nowadays... I thought it was a great idea =) Ahhhh there was also a place they called the virtual crowd... you'd stand there "celebrating" a goal and you'd be filmed, then a second later you'd appear on the wall as if you were cheering for the goal... right then =p you and everyone else who had passed by... at a certain time before =D very different...
SDC10014 1 - Cris Around the WorldI took a zillion photos, including with their idol Tesourinha, of course with his statue 😉 but inside you could only take photos without a flash =( and this made the photos very bad and blurry ... since to capture more light the camera left the shutter open for longer and any movement ruined the photo... no matter how small... it made it blurry.

SDC10180 1 - Cris Around the World

We went through the Museum and went down to the store, I took a photo with the Cups and I didn't buy anything... what an expensive store... ahuauahauha The Flamengo store at least has things at a discount, old collections... not there... and everything was very expensive! lol
We left straight away to meet the guide who would be taking us there. He gave us construction helmets, as the stadium is under construction... for the World Cup o/
It was raining and the ground was full of mud... I stuck my foot in puddles... a thousand times... and almost fell in another three hundred =p but it was worth it... I wasn't going to lose the day because of a silly little shower... we kept walking and soon we entered the stadium...



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SDC10180 2 - Cris Around the World
mod 281 of 429 - Cris Pelo Mundo
mod 282 of 429 - Cris Pelo Mundo
mod 283 of 429 - Cris Pelo Mundo
mod 284 of 429 - Cris Pelo Mundo
SDC10005 1 - Cris Around the World
SDC10006 1 - Cris Around the World
SDC10007 2 - Cris Around the World
SDC10011 1 - Cris Around the World
SDC10014 2 - Cris Around the World
SDC10041 1 - Cris Worldwide
SDC10046 2 - Cris Around the World
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