Mahalo Sucos, from Hawaii to Rio.

Mahalo, a healthy option in Botafogo

O Rio January won another option for food delicious and healthy for the cariocas, without a doubt the Mahalo Juices goes beyond the traditional with recipes that will surprise your taste buds.
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The word mahalo in Hawaiian means thank you, a sacred word of extreme importance to the Hawaiian people. Hawaiian peoplethen mahalo for having opened here close to home, they have certainly become my little darlings.
For those who don't know Hawaii is to be an archipelago that lies right in the middle of the Pacific Oceanthis corner of the world that has gained fame for its waves, idolized by the world's greatest surfers and an American paradise, that's right. Hawaii is one of 50 states of the United Statesdespite being located more than 3100km away from any another American state. Its economy is entirely geared towards tourism and it was also there that the current US president was born, Barak Obamadid you know that?
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We were invited along with Diana of Di's stories, Amanda of I prefer to travel and Lili of Passionate about Travelwho welcomed us was the dear Thais from instagram @thatapelomundo, and right away we really liked the décor, which is very reminiscent of the beach atmosphere, and everything has been carefully thought out, from the paintings to the faucet in the bathroom, yes, go up to the second floor and enjoy it, I'll make you curious! They thought so carefully about the place that they reserved a part of the glass floor with sand and shells underneath, I don't need to tell you which part of the restaurant #bbpelomundo enjoyed the most, it was hard to get him out of there!
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We were eager to try the recipes that have been carefully thought out with nutritionistsThey're not typically Hawaiian, but they've all been inspired in Hawaii. Everything thought even to serve the public, which is increasingly worried with the health and well-being, with juice recipes anti-stress, detox, moisturizing and much more, not to mention the Sucháswhich are combinations of fruit juices with herbal teas, increasing their potential even more, I tried the juice Hawaiian detox I found it very refreshing and lightYou can even have it with a meal! I also tried the hibiscus, ginger and red fruit tea, which is beautiful and super tasty, with that slightly sour taste of hibiscus, I loved it! However, if you're traditional, they have a wide choice of juices and smoothies.

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Would you like something more alcoholic? Don't go thinking it's boring, the drinks are very different and delicious, like the Peetraditional Hawaiian, made from vodkajuice pineapple and coconutor the Clericot, a sparkling wine with fruits. What really won my heart was Mai Taí, caipivodka of açaíI love açaí, made with Absolut, it leaves nothing to be desired.

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For meals such as lunch or dinner, you can opt for the Assemble your plate and combine proteins with salads and sauce of your choice, as well as sweet potato options, seven-grain rice, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, grilled sweet potato and beans! O mate é on them when accompanied by this dish.
You can expect a varied menu with ceviche and shrimp or veganin fact, it's a great place for those who enjoy vegan recipewith a good variety in this line! I need to go back 20 more times to complete the
Okay, you're not that healthy and you want something a bit more fattening? I ended up trying ALL the sandwiches of the house, think ... lol
I really enjoyed it, there are some very different recipes, like the shrimp burger, hello? What? That's right! Shrimp burgerI love it, it's called Mauiall burgers come with grilled pineapple and wasabi mayonnaise. accompanied with French fries or salda.

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For the more exotic, you can also try the Aloha, hamburger Wild boar, with provolone cheese,
pineapple and arugula chutney or the traditional Kilauea, hamburger meat with gouda cheese, bacon, onions and grilled tomatoes with barbecue sauce and lettuce, this was undoubtedly the best. Igor's favorite, lol is one of my favorites too.
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Wait! The vegetarians were not left out! O Big Rider is made of rice noodles, carrots, cheese and spices breaded with wassabi cream and flour, A DELIGHTThe meat was very juicy, and for me it was the best, but taste is taste and the best for Igor remained the Kilauea.

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So you're neither a vegetarian nor a fervent carnivore and you don't like seafood? Not forgotten either, the Waimea is a delicious breaded chicken with cheddar and shoyu onion, you all know my passion for cheddar cheese, so you know how much I enjoyed it, right? Hmm, this burger fight was difficult, but I think the shrimp burger won out because it was different, but they're all delicious.
I saw on the menu that they will soon be launching the Salmon Burger and I'm dying to tastesaid it will be a retelling of hot philadelphiaImagine that!
But it didn't stop there, there were still hot dogs to choose from! There are two Hula Dog, with sausage pepperoni, Calabrian sauce and parmesan rind

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and Kavai Dog, from sausage German sausage, vegetable julienne, caramelized bacon and Australian bread, I usually like sausage better, but this sausage won my heart! Although they're both great, the parmesan rind has melted in my mouth, won the tie, this time my German blood didn't speak so loudly, lol.

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Wait a minute, you don't want a hot dog or a hamburger but you still prefer a sandwich? There are several options for filet sandwiches, but the one I tried was the waikikias they say on the menu is without comment!!! Forget the fight over the burgers, the best is always left to the end and I really loved this hamburger sandwich. salmonhe is cured for 12 hours in the vodka with special peppers served with guacamole and rocket on baguette bread! It seems that the ingredients were made for each other, the salmon melt in your mouthyou don't feel anything separate, the only thing that stands out is the guacamole, because otherwise it was so married that it looked like just one thing.

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The house also offers some other options as a portion of French fries, chef's fish'n chips, tapioca, crepes, omelettes, light sandwiches and a lot of things that I'll have to go back and try again, because from what I've tasted, I've seen that there's nothing but delicious things!
I was about to roll over, but I couldn't let go of the dessertsalmost all of them come with ice cream and I tried three of them, the petit gateau with red fruit compote as always a sure-fire choice!

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A fruit salad which is simply magnificent, and the baked coconut that danced in my mouth, which one did I choose as the best?

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I think the salad and the cocada are a bit too much, I'll have to come back and eat more a few times to decide, lol.
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Ahhhhhh one cool thing is that they have a loyalty programevery time you go there and consume, you get a stamp and the every 10 over a period of 3 months, you get something! They also work with deliveryHowever, it only serves Botafogo, Laranjeiras, Flamengo, Glória, Catete, Humaitá, Lagoa, Copacabana and Urca. bikeFor the time being, the loyalty card is only valid for consumption in the restaurant.
I've talked so much about food that I'm hungry again! Did you enjoy it?

Additional information:

 AddressRua Nelson Mandela, 100, loja 120 - Botafogo - Opposite the Botafogo metro.

Opening hoursdaily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Telephone: (21) 2537-9091.

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